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You may have noticed a few changes around here – ahem…peep that new blog name! Did you notice?

At the end of last year I decided to make a few blog changes. I switched platforms. I purchased my very first domain (serious stuff, people!). I also wanted a new, cleaner look and decided to finally change the blog name. It’s been something that I’ve been secretly contemplating and wanting to do for a while but never shared with anyone. Not even with Sikmon. So when I brought it up to him at the end of last year he was all…huh? Why?

I never felt like Made2Make was it for what I wanted this space to be and I always felt like the name lent itself more to a small craft / DIY impression – which is great but not really relevant to what I talk about most: our life and living in this house. But when you start a blog you have to choose a name and that’s just sorta what I landed on. I never really knew what it meant or how to explain the name to others when asked and I never felt proud about sharing what I write about on the blog – mainly because I was embarrassed by a name that literally meant nothing.

When I started blogging in 2015 I didn’t really know what this would turn into. It hasn’t turned into much (yet) but what I’ve discovered is that I’m passionate about DIY, interior design, and home décor. I’ve never been passionate about anything (aside from being a Mom) so it’s pretty cool to find something you love and have people tell you you’re good at doing what you love. For that alone, I’m forever grateful.

For now, this is just a hobby but maybe some day it can be something more. I get on here and share what we’re up to when I can but occasionally I hear that people actually do read and do enjoy the updates so it pushes me to keep at it. I say every year that I want to devote more time to the blog and some years it happens and other years it doesn’t. That’s just the truth. Changing the blog name is the first step I’m making towards really reaching and chasing after this passion of mine.

But why The Homebody House?

Because when you get right down to it, that’s exactly what our house is – a house full of homebodies! So it was time for a new name for the blog – one that more accurately reflected our life and who we are.

I do have a sneaking suspicion though that our daughter is NOT a homebody…but Sikmon and I? Hardcore homebodies through and through. We always joke that we’ll die in one of two places – at home or at the home improvement store – it’s so true! We love our house, being at home, and renovating our house to make it our home – our own home.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.





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