Life Lately + Our Current Home Paint Colors

It’s Friday! Yay! Kayleigh & I are back…back again with another round of life lately and this time we’re talking paint colors!

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This topic couldn’t have come at a better time – Kayleigh is heading into her very first One Room Challenge and making over their home office and well…WE JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE so paint colors are at the tippity-top of both our minds at the moment.

We sign all our closing docs tomorrow, do a final walk through, and then get keys mid next week and paint is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. The paint in the new house is fine – but there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make everything feel new again! I’ve been going back and forth on what colors from the current house I want to re-use in the new house – since we do have quite of bit of paint leftover – and I just won’t know until I get some swatches up on the wall and see how they look in the light. So while I haven’t quite narrowed down what colors I’ll use in the new house – I thought it would be fun to take a look at the colors in our current home and give some thoughts on whether or not I’d use this color again in the future. Sounds fun, right?

Living Room: Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore

I can without a doubt say that Grey Owl is a color I will not be using again in the next house. The color is fine and very similar to the color on most of the walls in the new house, but I was never a fan. It pulls very blue – especially in a space like our living room that didn’t receive a ton of natural light on the backside and that wasn’t the hue I was going for when I was searching for the perfect neutral gray. I think in a brighter space it would pull more neutral but it just didn’t work here!

Guest Bathroom: Jasper by Sherwin Williams

Yes! 1000x yes for this color! It photographs nearly black but it’s the most beautiful inky green and is by far the color in our home that I get asked about most! We have quite a bit of this color left over since we only painted about 1/3 of the walls in our guest bathroom and I’m sorta toying around with the idea of doing our headboard wall this dark color in the master! Yay or nay?!

Sun Room + Laundry Room: Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Ehh…I’d say no on this color too. After not really loving the Grey Owl in our living room I didn’t really want to continue the color into the sun room even though the two spaces are connected so I opted for an off the shelf white paint from Lowes: Extra White by Sherwin Williams. The laundry room got painted Extra White as well by default and although the name suggests it’s “extra white” it always looked a little dingy for me and actually pulls a bit too blue for my liking. It photographs much better than it looks in person but keep reading for my all time favorite white that I’d choose over this color any day!

Master Bedroom: Paper White by Benjamin Moore

Ok, so…I’m kinda indifferent to this color. It’s a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry light grey and really nice honestly, I just probably wouldn’t use it again – I’ve learned through this process that I love either very bold saturated colors or whites with no undertones. Again…it pulls a bit blue and if you’re looking to add some color in the subtlest way, this is a really great color to use.

When we finally got around to painting the house, I was so pregnant and my family was literally at my house every weekend painting and trying to help us get ready for the baby. So when the last coat went on in this room and I realized I didn’t really love it, I couldn’t look them in the eyes and ask them to paint it again – so it stayed and I’m vowing to do better next time!

Nursery + Guest Bedroom: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

The white of all the whites! My forever favorite! If I had to do it all again, I’d paint the whole house this color! It is the best white in my opinion and one of the truest whites with very little to no undertones and just leaves the room feeling clean and crisp – just the way I like it! I’m contemplating using this color again for just an overall whole house color at least until I can put more thought into colors for each room but I think during the waiting period, it’ll be a great clean slate. I’d recommend this color to anyone!

Trim + Woodwork: Ultra Pure White by Behr

This off the shelf white from Home Depot is my all time favorite white paint for trim, molding, and woodwork and since it’s straight out of a can it means no waiting in line for mixing! We used it here on our built-ins but also in the guest bathroom board and batten and the entryway shiplap too! I will use Ultra Pure White by Behr again without a doubt!

Black Accents: Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

The best…no seriously…the best black around. It’s the truest, deepest black I have ever come across and I’ll never use another black ever again I love it so much. We used it on our laundry room doors, master bedroom doors, the shiplap in the back of the built-ins, and even in the nursery closet too! So good…and I’m itching for an excuse to use it again…maybe a bathroom ceiling perhaps!

And that’s it! If you’re looking for more paint color inspiration and knowledge, head over to Kayleigh’s blog and check out her recommendations! As an interior designer by day, Kayleigh has a lot of experience helping clients choose paint colors for their new builds so I am definitely looking forward to reading her post. And if you want a whole house color pallet of what we used in our condo, I’ve included a graphic below!

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