Life Lately + My Favorite Rugs Under $250

Oh boy…it’s finally Friday! We moved into the new house exactly one week ago today and we’re basically just buried in boxes and barely surviving. I’m trying to stay motivated and unpack a few boxes each night so that it isn’t totally overwhelming to do it all at once and that way, we’ll eventually get thru the massive cardboard box towers in the garage – but it’s slow going over here.

We had some new neighbors stop by last night to welcome us into the neighborhood with a plate full of baked goods! Isn’t that sweet? So far the new house has been everything we knew we needed and more – I can’t wait to make memories here.

Kayleigh and I took last week off because I was busy moving (she’s so sweet!) but we’re back with another fun life lately post. Playing catch up? Be sure to check out all our previous life lately posts below:

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With all the unpacking and settling in…we’re making massive piles of items to sell because we’re realizing that we either have no use for them and/or they don’t fit in the new spaces. I thought I did this already before we packed LOL! Some of the things to go? Lots of furniture and rugs! The rooms here are a bit smaller in both width and length so I’m finding that my rugs are hedging on the side of too big. But you won’t find me crying any tears over having to buy new ones…I’m secretly (or maybe not so secretly) obsessed with rugs and I wanted to share some of my very favorites with you that all ring in under $250! And if you need even more good rug deals – Kayleigh rounded up a bunch of good ones too over on her blog! Check it out here!

  1. Opell Checkered Diamond Rug – 8×10 for $182 (our living room rug)
  2. Triangular Striped Rug – 8×10 for $256
  3. Mentone Silver Rug – 6×9 for $227 (our nursery rug)
  4. Fragmented Striped Rug – 6×9 for $197
  5. Handspun Jute Rug – 6×9 for $197
  6. Vintage Look Rug in Stone – 8×10 for $219
  7. Natural Kilim Rug – 6×9 for $237 (master bedroom rug)
  8. Vintage Look Rug in Olive – 5×7 for $167
  9. Striped Jute Outdoor Rug – 8×10 for $133
  10. Wool Indigo Rug – 5×8 for $206 (previous living room rug)
  11. Honeycomb Rug – 6×9 for $197
  12. Vintage Look Rug in Blush – 5×7 for $143

Spot anything that catches your eye? I’m thinking either #2 or #9 for our outdoor patio and #8 is currently on our new living room mood board but #11 is one I’ve had my eye on for over a year so I’ve gotta find a home for that too!

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