Life Lately + Pots & Planters

Hey guys, welcome back and happy Friday! Kayleigh and I have been doing these Life Lately posts for a while now and they’re always so much fun! A few weeks ago, we talked about our must have patio dรฉcor picks and today we’re talking about our favorite planters & pots.

The temps are heating up and we’ve been spending lots of time outdoors lately. One new found hobby Emie and I have taken to is gardening! She loves to weed and dig in the dirt (what kid doesn’t?!) so we’ve sorta bonded over that recently which has me searching for more opportunities to do more.

Now that we have the space in the new house, I’ve been contemplating a little herb garden so that we can plant the seeds, water them, and ultimately watch them grow and mature. I think it’ll be a fun activity for the both of us and lesson in patience and taking care of something else. I’ve been looking at pots & planters for our herb garden a lot online recently and came across so many great ones that are beautiful but affordable too! Below are just a few of my favorites – it was so hard to narrow it down!

Coal Planter / Footed Terracotta / Textured Bowl / Green Vase / Pedestal Bowl / Footed Brass / Dotted Planter / Marble Pot / Head Planter / Plant Stand / Green Jug / Wood Base Planter / Copper Dish

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