15 Minute Fix: Updating Dollar Store Vases

Hey there! Sorry for the brief hiatus…it’s been a busy, but productive, few weeks (ahem…patio! I’m talking to you!). The patio makeover has literally eaten me alive but I’m rounding the home stretch and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel so for now I don’t have any other patio updates except to say that the chairs arrived and they’re all kinds of tooshy heaven, but I wanted to pop in and share a quick little project I checked off my to-do/want-to-do list recently.
With summer knocking on our door, or at least here in CA it is, I’m loving the longer daylight hours and what that means for the blog and the endless amounts of projects I have going at any given time. The extended daylight hours sure make it easier to work on projects and photograph them after a long 10 hour day at the office but even with the added convenience that Daylight Savings brings, sometimes all I really have time for after work, traffic, dinner, clean-up, and all that jazz is a quick 10-15 minute project. Anyone else feel the same? And heck…let’s be honest…sometimes I have no desire to do any of the aforementioned tasks and instead just plop myself down on the couch and watch HGTV on repeat. Feel me now?!
If you’re anything like me, your brain never shuts off and there’s always a to-do list a mile long. When I sat down to actually write out what I wanted/needed to accomplish, I realized that a lot of these items were quick, easy, and something I could easily get done in 10-15 minutes…if only I actually set aside those minutes to actually do them. What a concept! Sometimes something as easy as putting pen to paper puts things into perspective and makes all those to-dos a whole lot more manageable.
So because I thought many of you might be in the same boat as I, I thought I’d start a new series of sorts with quick 10-15 minute projects straight off my own to-do/want-to-do list that even you might find useful when time is limited.
Please don’t judge me on my to-do list prioritization because as you’ll see when you come back for the next post in this series, I chose to paint dollar store vases first before I tackled the disaster that is my purse because obviously gold vases are way more important than organized purses. Moving on…
Over the years I’ve managed to accumulate close to 50 (#youthinkimkidding) dollar store vases. How? I have no idea, but yeah…it happened. If you need a few vases, holla at your girl! They’re the perfect vessel for so many things around the house and because I have so many, I thought I’d have some fun with a few.
All I did was tape off a portion of the vase using some blue painters tape. You can get all kinds of crazy or creative with your pattern, just mask off the area that you don’t want painted and leave the area you do want painted exposed. For my vases I just taped off an asymmetric line. Sorry, no pics of this! Then just spray the vase whatever color you fancy. I chose gold…because well…duh…I’m obsessed with gold.
Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and ta-da! Dollar store vases look like they cost $1.50 now!
This is literally the easiest project on the face of the planet. I didn’t re-invent the wheel, this project isn’t going to break the Internet, and you’ve probably seen it done a thousand times a thousand times better, but it’s been on my want-to-do list for-ev-errrr and now…it’s not.
That’s all for today – just a quick little 15 minute project for ya! Enjoy my friends! And be sure to check back soon for the next installment of 15 Minute Fix…or if you’re lucky, you’ll get a patio reveal soon!

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