Hey there! Welcome!

I’m Danae – the voice behind the blog – The Homebody House. For nearly a decade of my adult life, I lived in almost as many apartments as there are years in a decade and really struggled to love living in a place that I didn’t own.

Fast forward to 2015 when I started this blog while living in – you guessed it – another apartment with my then boyfriend Sikmon. I finally stopped wishing for something I didn’t have and started focusing on ways to make our rentals feel as much like ours as they possibly could be – and so the blog was born!

In 2016 we finally did it! We purchased our very first home together (a 1970’s condo that was 8 shades of beige) and in 2017 we had a baby! In 2019 we sold our condo and bought the home we currently reside in.

When we aren’t working full time, you can find us right here renovating and loving on this place over the weekends. You can also find us at Home Depot or Lowes. We’re there a lot too.

We’re just a couple of hardcore homebodies now with a toddler in tow doing what we love and documenting it all here.

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