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I’m Danae – the brains and voice behind the blog – The Homebody House. For nearly a decade of my life, I lived in almost as many apartments as there are years in a decade and really struggled to love living in a place that I didn’t own because I couldn’t make the changes that I wished I could.
I started this blog in early 2015 while living in – you guessed it – an apartment with my boyfriend Sikmon and wanted a place to document all the ways we were trying to make an apartment that wasn’t ours, our home.
Fast forward to 2016 when we purchased our very first home together (a 1970’s condo that was 8 shades of beige) and in 2017 we had a baby! We sorta do things backwards around here if you haven’t already figured that out.
When we aren’t working our full time jobs during the week, we’re hardcore homebodies and you can find us right here renovating and de-beigeing this place on the weekends.
You can also probably find us at Home Depot or Lowes. We’re there a lot too.
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