30 Day Entryway Closet Check-In & a Quick Little Project

Hi friends!
I’m back today to give a 30 day check-in of our entryway closet organization project and to let you in on what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how I addressed it.
Remember a month ago when I shared this before and after?


With a few organizational additions installed and some visual de-cluttering, it’s amazing how so little can go such a long way. However, as we continue along our organizational journey, sometimes things could use a little tweak, a little umph, to really take it to the next level.

This little closet organization project has done wonders for our family but after using this space for a month, I realized that one area of this space, needed a little extra organizational help.

I have a confession…

We suck at mail. We pay most all our bills online and who doesn’t get truck loads of credit card offers and junk mail? So needless to say, we procrastinate when it comes to opening and sorting through the mail and as a result, we would just shove all the mail in the inbox until it couldn’t hold no more.


The inbox on the door was/is an awesome idea, and really, truly has worked wonders. It just needed a little help to help us be better at sorting the mail. My solution?

I took some generic binder clips that I had on hand, added some washi-tape to the front & back, and labeled them with a permanent marker. Now we can clip the mail with these washi-tape clips into self-explanatory categories.


They’ve really helped to corral the mail and prevent it from getting out of hand. So easy to make too!
And when we’re not using one of the clips? They easily clip to the edge of the basket just waiting to be used…like so:
The only other addition is a chevron file folder that holds all our coupons and gift cards that staying in the “Outgoing” mail box that we can quickly grab anytime we’re heading out the door.
With these 2 small additions/tweaks, our coat closet is working like a dream and we’re no longer combating a messy inbox and overflowing mail.
I love quick and simple projects like these washi-tape binder clips. I wonder where else I could employee these cuties? Any suggestions? Where would you use some in your home?

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