A Whole-House To-Do List

Buying a new house has really put my creative mojo into over-drive. I eat, sleep, and breathe this house! I sorta have tunnel vision – and I sorta love it. #sorrynotsorry

The problem? I have post-it notes floating around the bottom of my purse with crude drawings and random measurements – and when I find the post-it a week later, I can’t even recall what it is or what my thought was at that moment! I’m so overwhelmed with what needs to get done vs what I’d like to get done that I’m constantly ping-ponging back and forth between spaces. I just might get whiplash. It’s so bad you guys.

I figured it was a good time to put together a whole-house to-do list to corral all my ideas and blue sky dreams for each space in one place. I love the idea of being able to update as we go along – because we all know that I’ll change my mind 50 times or more before we’re done here. Plus! Who doesn’t love checking things off an old fashioned to-do list? No better way to make a girl (or guy) feel like we actually accomplished something other than binge watching Netflix all day weekend! #iswearitwasntme #okmaybeitwas

I’ll be sharing the to-do list here on the blog…it’s just a massive brain-dump at the moment but I plan to update this post as things change or get completed (yippee!) as well as link to the corresponding post so be sure to check back often.

If you’re a nerd and love lists like me – then you’ll love today’s blog! Ready?

Whole House

· Remove tile / carpet and replace flooring ev.er.y.where!
· Remove existing baseboards and install new “beefy” baseboards
· Install new crown molding? (we have vents that were installed close to the ceiling line so we’re           unsure how crown will look)
· Trim out all doors and windows
· New hardware throughout!
· Paint! And paint some more!



· Create storage for coats, jackets, bags – hooks? slim wall mounted shoe storage – like this?
· Add board & batten? Picture frame trim/molding?
· Paint interior of front door & add decorative trim
· Add art
· Find flush mount light fixture
· Find a vintage runner

Living Room


· DIY / have cabinet built to house TV – add electrical for TV & media components
· Style built-in
· Get black/white rug professionally cleaned
· Find 9×12 rug to layer under current rug
· Replace ceiling fan – new/updated ceiling fan? Purchase/DIY light fixture instead?
· Install in-ceiling audio speakers
· Sell old coffee table / buy new coffee table
· Bring in additional seating
· Art above couch

Dining Room


· Replace chandelier – buy or DIY?
· Remove vertical blinds
· Bring in curtains – curtains + bamboo shades or just panels?
· To rug or not to rug?
· Find head chairs – ghost chairs? molded plastic chairs?
· Paint window casing? (can this be done?)



· Remove uppers on stove wall – we’ll live w/ these empty for a while to see if we can survive!
· Paint cabinetry
· Add hardware
· Resurface sink?
· Re-plate faucet?
· Find a vintage rug
· Add a bamboo shade
· Paint window casing? (can this be done?)
· Pimp out pantry
· Replace counter tops (2nd phase)
· Convert some cupboards to pull out drawers (2nd phase)
· Remove 2nd sink (2nd phase)
· Relocate dishwasher (2nd phase)
· Tile stove wall (2nd phase)
· Install open shelving (2nd phase)
· Buy all new appliances (2nd phase – except maybe a refrigerator)

Master Bedroom


· Sell old headboard / buy new
· Find / refinish nightstands – we have none!
· Close off 2nd doorway – prep for new master bath
· Demo both linen closets – prep for new master bath
· Reconfigure closet – Ikea Pax closet with a “built-in” look
· Bring in drapery
· Paint window casing? Or covert window to walk-out French doors (needs HOA approval)
· Find a vintage or vintage looking rug – sorta loving this one
· Figure out the dresser situation – do we need it?
· TV or no TV? – I say no!
· Add additional can lights or add a fixture to middle of the room
· Change out current double door entry to master bedroom to bigger set of doors
· Add new doorway for new bathroom entry

Master Bath


· Complete master bath “resurfacing” – new floors, paint, vanity backsplash, re-tile shower
· New toilet
· Close off hallway to bath to become a part of new master bathroom – hallway will create a vestibule   for new bathroom door and additional space for a double vanity
· Remove hallway ceiling soffit
· Add double vanity – reuse existing vanity in guest bath?
· Remove soffit above shower (if possible)
· Add shower door
· Add open shelving

Bedroom #2 


· DIY raised molding on door
· Remove soffit (if possible)
· New closet doors – new closet system
· Paint window casing?
· Bring in drapery
· DIY floating shelves opposite bed
· Add overhead lighting
· Daybed? Refinish bed frame in storage?
· New bedding & rug – inspiration here
· Paint ceiling a fun/bold color? Giant chalkboard wall?

Bedroom #3 – Office


· DIY raised molding on door
· Close off opening to sunroom or put doors back on
· New closet doors
· Add overhead lighting

Guest Bath


· DIY raised molding on door
· Complete guest bath “resurfacing” – new floors, paint, re-tile tub wall – think fun colors!
· New toilet
· Remove old tub insert / add new
· Reuse master bath vanity? (paint & new sink/counter top/hardware)
· Trough sink! Every child’s dream?
· Wall mount double faucets?
· New mirror
· Remove towel bars for kid friendly towel hooks

Hallway between Bedrooms 2 & 3


· Replace old electrical panel
· Find flush mount light fixture
· Gallery hallway?



· Accentuate beams – paint? wood wrap?
· Create kids / craft area in the left corner after opening from 3rd bedroom is closed off
· Create workstation just outside master bedroom
· Bring me all the plants! I got my eye on you Fiddle leaf fig!

Laundry Closet


· Replace water heater with tank less
· Stack or not to stack washer/dryer?
· DIY counter top for folding/sorting
· New cabinets or re-use kitchen uppers
· Find a place for the kitty litter



· DIY wrap around couch
· BBQ station
· Green space? Putting green? (it’s seriously that big!)

As you can see we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us and not many things crossed off the list…eeek! It’s sorta gives me anxiety seeing it all in one place but I’m also really, really excited about all the work ahead too. Is that weird? For the very first time in my life I don’t have to rush through any design decisions and can take my time getting it right (or wrong) because guess what?! This place is all ours and you’ll have to drag me out by the hair because I’m not moving any time soon. Hear that S?!

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  1. Living in a home quickly leads to more things to do than someone might think. I like the way that this post helps to organize all of the areas of the home into individual areas/rooms with their own checklist, but begins with a whole house focus. The way you have it broken down can pretty much act like a template that's easy to follow when those to-do lists seem to be insurmountable.

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