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Aside from the new windows we installed late last year, another, more recent, addition we added to our sunroom is this cute little cabinet.

Before having the baby we attended an infant CPR and safety class where they encouraged all us soon-to-be-parents to baby proof the house before our little ones arrived. While we didn’t go overboard and totally safeguard the house, we did take a few steps towards a safer home for little Emie girl. Along with adding outlet plugs, this little cabinet in the sunroom helped conceal one of the things I was most concerned about…our litter box!

We love our cat but we haven’t ever loved his litter box – or the mess it makes and I always worried that one day in the not too distant future, I’d find our daughter using the cat litter as her own personal sand box. Now…not only is the cat litter out of reach of our almost-crawling-daughter but…I don’t have to look at it either! #winwin

Inside we keep all our kitty essentials – food, along with a few rolls of plastic trash bags for poop scooping. A clear suction hook on the door works perfectly to hold the pooper scooper too! Everything thing we need fits right inside with room to spare.

DIYing our cat litter cabinet was super simple – just an extra large cat doorfor our extra large cat – and this inexpensive Ikea cabinet or any cabinet for that matter – is all you need!

We opted for this cabinet because it’s dimensions worked perfectly for the small sliver of wall between the living room and the nursery but any cabinet big enough to house your litter box can work too! Here’s the box we used – it’s the x-large size!

Before putting the cabinet together, we cut out the hole for the cat door on one of the side panels using the template that was provided with the door using our Ryobi drill and jigsaw.

Once the hole was cut all we had to do was install the door. It really couldn’t have been more simple and the end result is having me wonder why I didn’t think of this sooner!

From the outside – no one would ever know the litter box was inside! Would you have guessed?

And in case you’re wondering what that thing was peaking out from under the cabinet…

It’s our robot vacuum – the Neato – or what we call her, Flo! I was able to plug the docking station into an outlet behind the cabinet and the docking station fits perfectly underneath with just enough clearance for Flo to make her way back home to charge.

This super simple Ikea hack really helped contain and conceal our messy litter box while also making our home safer for babe! Do you have something in your house that needs a little concealing – printers or electronics come to mind! Could an inexpensive Ikea hack help you too?

Of course it can!

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54 comments on “DIY Cat Litter Cabinet”

  1. What is the depth of interior? More specifically, what size is your litter box? I want to make sure we get one that will fit 🙂

  2. Hi, this is great! Can you please tell me the name of Ikea cabinet you used? Many thanks!

  3. I LOVE your hack! I don’t have an IKEA close by to be able to measure but I was wondering if you would be able to give us the interior depth dimensions on the cabinet? IKEA does not provide on their website and I am not sure if it will fit our litter box (Breeze system). Sorry to ask such a mundane question, I just love this and want to do it if we can make the box work. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi! What dimensions does the litter tray have? Does it still work with your big cat? I have a big cat as well!

    1. i looked this up at ikea and the measurements on there. it is 26-3/4 wide, 36-5/8 tall and 17-3/4 deep it would just fit the breeze with is 15.8 wide by 20.5 long. it does not say anything about including template to cut our cat door.

      1. thats because it mentions the “extra large car door” link in the story. Click on it. The template is from the cat door purchased.

  5. Does the smell get trapped inside the cabinet? Can you smell the cat litter if you are near it?

    1. I’m sure it blocks the smell as much as a cover would. If you wash it once a month with vinegar and water it shouldn’t smell too bad. My cat doesn’t mind his litter box having some baking soda sprinkled in the litter. I also sift it everyday or every other day. And have two litter boxes for one cat. I read when we got him that you’re supposed to have one for every cat plus an extra one. My sister has three cats. She has four concealed kitty litter boxes. Two in basket like trunks, and two in cabinets kind of like this. Which is why I was looking at this tutorial

  6. What kind of litter box did you use for this cabinet? I just finished building mine and found out that my cat’s litter box is too big!

      1. Can you link the litter box you used? Having trouble finding one that will fit the dimensions.

  7. This is the cutest! I am wondering what the interior height is from the bottom to the shelf, just so I can compare with how much room the cats have to stand in this versus a store bought enclosure!

  8. What is the name of this ikea product? The link just goes to ikeas homepage. I assume its not sold anymore, but looking on other places to find it.

  9. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. How did your cat take to it? Did you need to train him/her with the door open for a while?
    Thanks in advance

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