DIY Tissue Paper Tassels

Today I’ll be sharing with you a super duper inexpensive project for a room that you haven’t seen on the blog yet with material you probably already have in your home. Cool, right?!
Let’s not waste any time…let’s get started!
If you haven’t already guessed by reading the post title, today I’ll be sharing with you how I made tissue paper tassels out of…you guessed it…tissue paper! Not only did I make tissue paper tassels, I turned them into a garland for a playful swag in Little Miss’s room.
These tissue paper tassel garlands are so fun and spunky! They add a great pop of color, whimsy, and fun to kid spaces and would be so fun for birthday parties, baby showers, the list goes on and on! Oh, and did I mention how inexpensive they are to make? A few dollars…if that!!! This is my kind of DIY. Big impact on a space, small impact on the ol’ pocketbook.
Here’s what you’ll need to re-create these cuties:
Tissue paper in as many or as few colors as you’d like


String / Ribbon / Twine

I browsed a few different tutorials but this is what worked best for me and produced the results I liked the best.
For my garland I settled on 4 colors. White, yellow, pink, and orange. Little Miss is such a fun and sweet little girl with a bright, bold personality and her love for color (especially yellow) runs deep.
To start, take piece of tissue paper and fold it lengthwise (like a hot dog).


 Next, fold it width wise (like a hamburger…I’m starting to get hungry here…you?)

 Fold it again width wise so you end up with this:

 Now, with your folded edge up top, use your scissors and cut your fringe from the bottom up however thick/thin you like leaving approx. 2-3″ up top, uncut.

 Once all your cuts have been made, unfold your tissue paper sheet and lay flat. Taking your scissors, cut down the middle crease to make so you are left with 2 fringed pieces.

 Take one fringed piece, open it up, and turn it so that the creased middle runs vertically. Be sure to untangle your fringe so it lays flat like so:

Now, starting from the bottom, begin rolling the middle section while making sure the fringe on both ends stays nice, neat, and untangled.


 Once you have rolled your middle section now it’s time to twist the middle section until the twist reaches the top of the fringe cuts.

 Take your twisted middle and form a loop.

With the loop formed, twist the loop a few times…sorta like you’re twisting a key to unlock a door.

 With the loop formed and twisted, cut off a length of washi-tape and wrap it around the base of the loop to secure it.

 And that’s it! One sheet of tissue paper should make 2 tassels. I’ve seen some tutorials where one sheet makes 3 or 4 tassels but I tried that and the tassels were a little too wimpy for me. I prefer my tissue paper tassels to look fuller so the steps above is how I achieved that fullness.

 Follow the steps above to make all your tassels until you have enough to string them up and make a garland. The steps may be a bit tedious and repetitive, but for my 4 foot section where I plan to hang this garland, I needed 9 tassels and it took me about 45 mins to an hour from start to finish. Not too bad.

Once all my tassels had been made I used some simple twine I had on hand to string them up. I started by placing my middle tassel (a yellow one), knotted it into place, and worked my way out knotting the tassels into place about every 6 inches.
The polka dotted washi-tape is so fun and gives it that extra bit of playfulness. Plus washi-tape is just generally awesome, don’t you agree? I found this polka-dotted design at our local dollar store. Score!
All in all, I think this project cost me about $5.
The garland is the perfect complement to the colorful and vibrant drapes and really just brings the fun factor up a notch.
These tassel garlands would be great for birthday parties, baby showers, and hey…obviously spaces for those little ones. The best part? They’re dirt cheap to make! Love, love, love!!

Please tell me you adore these as much as I do!

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