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I’m a very visual person, like almost annoyingly so, and when I’m trying to make decisions and I find myself stuck, often times I create a mood board to help me help myself! Creating mood boards takes time because quite frankly, the options are endless…and when you love design and home décor as much as this girl, there are just too many beautiful things and not enough opportunities to use them.

When choosing paint colors & wallpaper (i.e. semi-permanent decisions) or big ticket items like couches, dining room tables, or things that you aren’t just going to replace on a whim (i.e. costly decisions) it never fails that I find my self mocking something up on the computer just to see how these things will look when it’s all laid out in front of me vs. how it looks in my mind. And let me tell you…it’s worth the effort.

So when I decided that the little sliver of a wall that we call our “entryway” needed a little something, I immediately thought wallpaper and immediately knew I needed to mock something up before I pulled the trigger on something like that.

You might be thinking I’m crazy for wanting to use wallpaper but let me explain. This itty bitty entryway wall of ours is 30″ wide and only 60″ tall. Wallpapering a space this small is totally affordable on the pocketbook, it’s a great way to make a statement, draw attention, and bring some much needed fun to an otherwise boring wall, plus wallpaper has come a long way over the years! And the best part? It’s totally renter-friendly! Score! They now make removable or peelable wallpaper…perfect for renters, dorm rooms, or people that want the flexibility to change their mind without the hassle of wallpaper glue and steamers to remove it.

This is where the mood boards come in. I mocked up 5 different wallpaper options that I’m considering for our entryway and now I need you to help me decide!

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Option #4
Option #5
We already have the mirror, the jute rug, we previously built the shelf, and I plan to keep all 3 of these items in this space. I just cant decide which wallpaper I like the most. Will you help me?! I’m flip flopping between 2 of them…but I wont tell you which ones they are 😉
What do you think about the mood boards? Aren’t they great? They really help me see a space come together when I’m stuck on the fence about a big change. Would they help you too? If you find yourself stuck on the fence about a design decision and need some help with a mood board, give me a holler! In the meantime, I’d love to know which wallpaper you’d choose!

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