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Hey, there!

I’m Danae. I’m a, dare I say, almost 30-something (emphasis on almost) living and loving in sunny Southern California who was made to make. Make what you say? #allthethings.

My mom tells a story about catching me red-handed painting our toilet seat purple and using her red lipstick to draw all over the brand new outfits my dad just bought for her. While at the time I’m sure she was less than pleased with me, looking back now I see it as telling of the kind of person I’d grow into be. A purple toilet seat maker. A lipstick graffiti artist. A designer of sorts if you will.

Made2Make is a DIY, home décor blog where I’ve finally worked up the courage to take the plunge and follow my dreams and passion to talk to you about all things that make me tick and do the happy dance – DIY and home décor. While I may have graduated from purple painted toilets and lipstick covered garments, when I’m not busy working my 9-5, I spend my nights and weekends making and creating this little place I call home.

I currently rent a smallish 1000 sq. foot apartment with my beau and our furry friend Zurg where storage space seems to be disappearing by the minute, my fat cat wants to lay all over my freshly fluffed pillows, and even though the landlord says I can’t do X, Y, or Z, it hasn’t stopped me from finding creative ways to make these 4 white walls a home. All while ballin’ on a budget, yo!

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