Home Hack: Concealing Cords

I’m back again today with another home hack – how’s that for fun?
One of the things in home decor I hate the most is cords. They are such an eyesore but in our technological world, they’re a necessary evil. Wouldn’t you agree?
In our living room we currently have a wall that is bare. After we switched the TV from that wall to the nook, it left us with an empty wall and an ugly black cord. The cord belongs to our router which is cleverly hiding behind our curtain panel on the right. The router has to stay because it’s the wall where the Internet cable connects to the router. So until I decide on a decorating solution to fill the wall (and hide the cord), this ugly thing has been staring back at me for months.
Call me crazy (because I am) but it was driving me so crazy that I just had to do something about it to hold me over until I could throw a piece of furniture in front of it and call it a day.
My solution? White electrical tape!
Pretty ghetto fabulous if I do say so myself. But pretty ingenious too. 
The cord doesn’t disappear entirely, but it’s much less an eye sore with the white on white. It’s totally a quick-fix that I can live with in the meantime. 
Do pesky cords bother you that much too? Tell me…on a scale of ghetto to fabulous – where do I rank? 

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