I’m a Fan! – Part 2

Remember last month when we talked about ceiling fans? And how much I hated them? 

Yeah. I remember that too.

In that post I shared 12 ceiling fans that didn’t actually suck after all (and I absolutely didn’t hate) and one of those ended up being mine. Go figure. 

So today, I’m swallowing my pride, and my ceiling-fan-hating-self, and showing you the the fan that not only we chose, but we LOVE. I love. I’m growing, people. Making major strides up in here. #gome #patsselfonback

Because let’s be honest…

Anything is better than this:

And this:

Or how about this close-up:

But this?! Here’s a ceiling fan that’s sooo easy to love:

Not to mention, easy on the eyes:

Call me a convert, because I’m in lurve!!

But let’s back up a bit and see how we got to this point and installed the new fan. Plus lot’s more fan pics to come because I just.can’t.stop.

To start we turned off the breaker. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Ain’t nobody got time to get electrocuted.

Then we continued by removing the old fan and the blades. I don’t think removing the blades is necessary but it seemed easier to manage and manhandle when taking it down from the ceiling. To our surprise, it was very heavy!

After removing the fan the mounting bracket and junction box was exposed.

We removed the old mounting bracket and took a moment to read the directions. Better late than never, right?! 

Don’t forget to wear the proper footwear…

Super important.

Ain’t he cute? Moving on…

We installed the new mounting bracket.

Then I stopped taking pictures to help lift the new ceiling fan motor so that the corresponding wires could be connected. Black to black / white to white / green (ground) to green.

Our ceiling fan came with a super awesome remote so we had to connect that as well (that blue wire you see up there).

With all the wires connected we tucked the wires up inside the fan housing and tightened everything to the ceiling, attached the fan blades, and hooked up the light kit. And just like that, it was up!

The installation was super easy and took no time at all as are most ceiling fan installations.

But let’s talk about this beauty for a few more seconds, ok?

Those blades had me at hello.
It’s modern and totally steals the show .

This is a fan I can live with and love.


If we sell this house – the fan is coming with us! 

As if the fan isn’t cool enough, the wall mounted remote ensures that it won’t ever get lost and is easily reached while we’re binge watching House of Cards to turn the fan on/off at our every whim.

Life just got a whole lot cooler. #seewhatididthere

Where do you stand in the world of ceiling fans? Are you a lover or a fighter? And have I convinced you just how good a good fan can be? Please say I did…

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