Progress Report: The Entry

Hey guys! Remember me?! Life and work has been crazy-busy and it’s kept me away from the blog a little too long but I’m back at it and here today with a little update post!

It’s been a few weeks since we jumped into our entry project and we’ve been making great progress. Aside from painting and a few remaining items (art, rug, etc.) needed to round out the space, we’re just about ready for a reveal! How exciting is that?!

But before we get to all the progress, let’s rewind back to the beginning…mmmkay?

This is what the space looked like before we got started:

And here’s the to-do list that we were working with:

1.      Create storage for coats, jackets, bags – hooks? Slim wall mounted shoe storage?
2.      Add board & batten? Picture frame trim/molding?
3.      Paint interior of front door & add decorative trim
4.      Add art
5.      Install a flush mount light fixture
6.      Find a vintage runner

Let’s run down the check list and see where we stand after launching into this project a few weeks ago:

#1 – Create storage for coats, jackets, bags – hooks? Slim wall mounted shoe storage?
ü  Check! I decided to go with hooks because as you may have seen in my post about the entry plans, they just make life easier. The hooks haven’t been hung but they’re in possession of my grubby little hands!
#2 – Add board & batten? Picture frame trim/molding?

ü  Check! We ended up going with neither but decided to plank both walls on either side of the entry…with a twist! We still need to finish prepping and give the walls a couple coats of paint but we’re thiiiiisclose to being finished. I have high hopes for this little entry of mine!
#3 – Paint interior of front door & add decorative trim

ü  Check! Door has been painted but trim still needs to be added and then given a secondary coat for a seamless look. Did we go black or a deep navy blue? Can you tell in these pictures? 
#4 – Add art
              Zip. Zilch. Nada.

#5 – Install a flush mount fixture

ü  Check! The first fixture we installed just wasn’t cutting it – the diffuser wasn’t cut correctly and had all sorts of funky gaps between the shade and diffuser and I don’t think it fit the space like I thought it would (rememberit’s ok to change your mind). After striking out the first time, my second at bat was a home run! But all you’re getting is a sneak peak in the photo above 🙂

#6 – Find a vintage runner

Again with zip.zilch.nada. Finding a runner in the exact size I need has proved to be difficult. I have a temporary one in place for now but the color and size aren’t quite right. 

Well…that’s it guys! We’ve been working really hard on the entry, but also taking time to be purposeful in our decisions and choices for this space. I’m happy to say that we’re nearing the finish line and that working towards the first completed space in our home has been so much fun too!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll be sharing my go-to sources for vintage rugs – probably the hardest item to find to finally, FINALLY, call this space done! Or…however “done” a space could possibly be around here. 

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