In Case You Haven’t Heard…

I’m not sure whether to be excited or nervous as hell but after 2+ years we’ve decided to put our house on the market. It’s strange to be at this junction when not too long ago if you had asked me, I would’ve said that our plans were to stay here for the next 3-5 years. In fact, a few weeks ago we were getting ready to refi, pull money out, and completely gut reno the kitchen and both bathrooms but! I woke up one day and something had changed – I was ready to sell.

In truth…while I’ve always loved our home, Sikmon hasn’t. In a lot of way he feels like we hastily purchased this place in a desperate attempt to find, buy, and close on a house before the lease on our apartment was up. We began house shopping about 3 months before our lease was about to end, put in several offers but were beat out for various reasons. When we found this place, it had just come back onto the market after falling out of escrow itself, we were tired of looking, it was in our price range, it had potential, and we were cutting it close on time. I remember feeling the pressure to find a house and close on time so when we toured this house, I was like…this’ll do. It had all of our basic needs but nothing on our “want” list. I could tell that Sikmon wasn’t emotionally invested in this house when during the walk through he spent the entire time out on the deck talking to the realtor. He spent maaaaybe 5 minutes looking at the actual house but I liked it and that was all that really mattered to him.

After a very rough and frustrating closing where we had to completely restructure the loan at the last minute or we’d lose the house, we miraculously closed 1 day before our lease ended. Talk about pressure cooker. So while I’ve grown to love it, have always seen the potential, and have enjoyed fixing it up, he’s always felt like we settled and in a lot of ways, I think he was right. I look back now at all the obstacles we had to overcome to close on this house and it feels like it was a sign that we (or maybe just me) ignored.

Despite all that though, I’ve always been so deadest on staying until our daughter started to school – just ask Sikmon. He’s been casually tossing out the “we should sell” conversation for over a year now and I’ve been totally against it. Until now. The longer we live here the more obvious it’s become that we need a house better suited for our family – not necessarily bigger…but we need a driveway to wash cars, a yard to run around in, and A/C (!!) just to name a few. I’ll do another post about exactly what we’re looking for in our next house plus how we’re planning to prep this one to sell but what I do know is that there’s no rush this time around.

Now that the Summer softball season is over, we’ll be using the break between All-Star season and Fall season to do some minor repairs, touch up paint, and finish up some lingering projects before we list. We’ll probably be in the position of having to have sold our house first (or at least be under contract) before being able to put in offers of our own. The market here in California is tough and a lot of buyers come with all cash offers so in order to stand a chance, we don’t want to put in offers with the contingency of having to sell our home first before we can buy. This will probably mean that we may to move into an apartment during the interium and/or rent back our house from the new owners. However it shakes out, I’m excited for what’s ahead.

Here’s a few before & after’s just for fun:


Entry Reveal

Guest Bath

Mini Refresh

Guest Bath Sources

Living Room

Built-Ins Part 1

Built-Ins Part 2

Master Bedroom

MB collage


Nursery Reveal

Nursery Sources

Nursery Closet Re-Work

Nursery Closet Organization

Tween Bedroom

Sun Room

Most Expensive House Purchase

Sun Room Updates

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