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I’ll keep the chit-chat to a minimum because I know the only reason you’re here is to see the bathroom reveal so I won’t drag this out any longer. Let’s do the damn thing!

Before I get to the good stuff, let me remind you of the bad stuff:

20160307_123952Ready for the after?

4022How about a side by side?

I can’t even believe this is the same bathroom. Can you?!


The old mirror was just your standard builder grade mirror that someone had framed out for a more custom appearance so to save on cost we decided to keep the big mirror but we went one step further and painted the frame black.

The new vanity we chose is a tad smaller both in depth and in width which allowed us to center it under the square mirror perfectly rather than being a little skewed to one side like it was before. You can kinda see in this picture from demo day where the mirror didn’t go all the way to the wall but the vanity did – making it look less than ideal.

IMG_20180714_130947Now it’s almost as if the mirror was made to go with the vanity and no one would ever guess the mirror was a cheap builder grade addition. Mounting the slightly shallower vanity to the wall made the room feel tons bigger too! I think the space underneath the vanity helps the whole room feel not so grounded and bottom heavy like it did before.

Small changes = big wins!

DSC_0403 (2018-09-26T14_49_35.596)-01Since this room doesn’t receive any natural light and is stuck in a dark hallway, I wanted to bring in a lot of white surfaces to help bounce light around the room.

We laid white mosaic tile flooring that was really inexpensive but the good news is, it doesn’t look it.

DSC_0415 (2018-09-26T14_50_24.270)-01Anything but the pink linoleum is a huge improvement:


Our original gut job plans called for removing the soffit above the shower but again, to keep costs down we kept it and I DIYed this shower rod and curtain situation that is hands down my favorite feature of the whole room. This was totally my Tim Gunn make it work moment.

My DIY shower rod paired with an extra long shower curtain and the bright white shower help the room out in some major ways. The white shower surround does a lot to brighten the room and bounce light around while the extra long, to the floor shower curtain and ceiling mounted rod elongate the room, draws your eye upwards, and makes the room feel larger than it actually is!

I’ll share an in depth tutorial and source list for the shower rod, rings, and curtain next week.

DSC_0397 (2018-09-26T14_49_01.090)-01All the walls got wrapped in board and batten and painted a bright white. Across from the vanity and toilet is a big blank wall with a couple hooks for bath towels which we just use for hand towels. I love having our towels easily accessible during particularly splashy bath nights. I can just grab one from the hook and throw it down to sop up all the soapy bath water that inevitably makes it over the edge of the tub.

DSC_0452 (2018-09-26T14_53_54.054)-01The dated medicine cabinet right inside the door got removed, dry walled up and we installed more board and batten in its place. We may have lost storage in the medicine cabinet but we gained so much with the two giant drawers in the vanity.

DSC_0475 (2018-09-26T14_55_49.757)-01The rest is just new lighting, accessories, and styling!

DSC_0480 (2018-09-26T14_56_13.000)-01Want to see a few more side by side comparisons?



If you’re curious to know everything cost, I’ll be sharing a full budget breakdown next week along with the DIY curtain rod.

Thanks for being here friends!



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