Life Lately + What’s in My Amazon Cart

I’m teaming up with my girl Kayleigh over at Our Well Designed Life (follow her on Instagram too) to start a weekly series where we share a life lately update + a featured topic and today is what’s saved in our Amazon cart so let’s not waste any more time- and jump right in!

Life is a bit of a roller coaster at the moment. If you haven’t heard, we sold our home, put in an offer on another (the offer was accepted), and then earlier this week, we backed out. It’s been such an emotional ride the last few days over the entire ordeal but due to some uneasy feelings about the integrity of the home, dishonesty, and blatant withholding of information from the sellers about what was done / not done, we were left feeling apprehensive and unsure. We took these feelings as red flags a decided to withdraw our offer to hopefully find a home that we have more confidence in.

The bright side in all of this mess is that we still have time. The escrow for our own home was extra long to allow time for reconstruction of the laundry room so at least we have that on our side. Let’s hope we find the one soon!

Ok, on to the good stuff – my Amazon cart! Amazon is a Mom’s best friend, and can literally save the day in two days time, but in all honesty…it’s kinda dangerous too. Get a rug shipped to your house – for free – in two days?! Take all my monies Amazon, am I right?!

But because we’re trying to buy a house, I’ve really tried to not make any unnecessary purchases until the dust has settled a bit so that’s resulted in an Amazon cart full of goodies to share with you! But don’t go buying everything all at once and leave me in tears when I get all the out of stock notifications, ok?

First up is the rug that basically broke Instagram. I put this one in my cart for a master bedroom refresh I’m planning post move. It’s an affordable rug to begin with (under $300 for an 8×10) and it gives you that vintage look + feel that everyone loves without the hefty price tag. In fact…it’s the same exact rug that McGee & Co sells but way cheaper. This version is equally as gorgeous too and even cheaper than the first.

Couple décor related books in my cart too – can never have too many shelfie books IMO. This one by Martha freaking Stewart (the OG home décor guru) is basically a home owners best friend – literally tells you how to do almost anything home related. Would make a great housewarming gift for a new home owner! This cute little book is also waiting in my cart too – all about life hacks for your life (duh!) 

I don’t know why but I have an absurd amount of kitchen trinkets in my cart too for someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy cooking. But! I do believe that if you give yourself beautiful kitchen tools, cooking becomes more enjoyable! This oil decanter, these classic nesting bowls, and these re-useable beeswax food wraps are what I’m currently coveting in the kitchen department.

This low profile box spring if you have a bedframe like ours and the standard height box spring sticks up over the top – one of those nice to have items.

A GIANT round mirror that I’m eyeing for our new entry! Even better…it’s currently $20 off!

The children’s pajamas that I swear by plus they come in a bagillion colors: this thicker weight style I prefer for colder months, the light weight style I prefer for spring / early summer, and the softest short sleeve style for the dead of summer. These jammies are never not in my cart – I just click checkout if she need a larger size in whatever style the time of year calls for. If they made these in my size, I’d be all about that life!

A couple of kiddo items to round out my cart too: this high chair if we ever decide to have another and this stuffable / washable / modern bean bag chair I’ve been eyeing for the future play room.

And if you want to see what I have in my Amazon Shop, you can check that out here! Also be sure to stop by Kayleigh’s blog to check out what she’s been hoarding too!

I hope you enjoyed this little life update and a peek into what I’m hoarding in my Amazon cart – see you next week!

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