Nursery to Big Girl Room: One Room Challenge – Week Two

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Oh, One Room Challenge…it’s only week two but you’ve got me tangled up in a ball of nervous energy and now I’ve got stress pimples. Ugh! If you’re new or found your way here from the One Room Challenge link up page:

Hi! I’m Danae! This is our first time participating in the One Room Challenge and we’re transforming our daughter’s former nursery into her “big girl” room. If you missed last week’s post where I shared all the ugly before photos and the mood board for her soon to be much improved space, catch up and check it out here! To stay up-to-date on everything behind the scenes, be sure to follow along on Instagram where I’m sharing daily updates of our ORC successes and frustrations (mostly frustrations, ha)!


Despite the insane amount of pressure that literally is the One Room Challenge, I feel really good about what we’ve accomplished thus far. It hasn’t been without it’s hiccups though – more on those later.

In order for us to make this room a reality, Houzz was gracious enough to partner with us for this project and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support. Not only is Houzz a huge resource for design inspiration, but did you know that you can purchase just about anything from the Houzz Products page too?

We knew that in order to complete the room on time, it was imperative that we got our order for all the major furnishings in right away. We were proactive going into the One Room Challenge and ordered all the major pieces of furniture from Houzz about a week ahead of time just to ensure that everything would be here for reveal day. Houzz has so many items available to purchase on the Houzz Products page that I was able to find everything I needed in one spot!

With the design plan nailed down I placed one giant Houzz order on a Tuesday evening around 10 pm and by Wednesday evening (yes, the following day!), 2 of the 10 items had already been delivered – the basket and the fan. The remaining items from my order were either delivered by the end of that week or I had received shipping confirmations on – is that crazy fast or what?!

Over the last week or so, the packages have been rolling in and it’s given me an immense amount comfort knowing that 95% of the stuff for the room has already arrived even if it means that my house is getting taken over by the cardboard boxes!

Not only has it been amazing to work with Houzz, their e-commerce site is down right impressive! They carry thousands of home decor / home improvement related items and I was able to order all the major items I needed for the room in one place! When dealing with a large scale project, this aspect of the process was such a stress reliever, knowing that all my orders could be managed, tracked, and returned if needed just by logging into one account rather than having to manage multiple orders across multiple different retailers. Houzz truly is a one-stop-shop for all your design related needs!

But even amidst all the good that’s been showing up on our doorstep, lets discuss the hiccups! It wouldn’t be the One Room Challenge without a few, now would it? Good thing I have Houzz on my side because I’ve been continually floored by their customer service throughout this entire One Room Challenge experience.


As of this posting, all but one of the items from our order have been received – the dresser. If you’re following along on stories then you already know what happened but for those of you who missed it, here’s the condensed version:

The dresser was actually delivered last week but, it unfortunately arrived damaged and we refused delivery. Not exactly the best news when you’re on a six week deadline…BUT! Despite this minor hiccup, the Houzz customer service team was far and away, the easiest customer service department I have ever worked with. And let me just tell you how much I loathe calling a customer service department (anybody else?).

Within literal hours of the refused delivery, they emailed me, called me twice, and refunded my money so that I could re-purchase the same dresser – I seriously couldn’t have been more impressed. I was able to order the exact same dresser – just coming from a different supplier – the same day and it’s delivery date is sometime between Oct 18 – Dec 3. EEEK! One Room Challenge reveal goes live November 7th…so let’s all say a little prayer that the dresser arrives in time!


Hiccups aside, it’s been so fun seeing the design of Emie’s nursery turned “big girl” room come to life with each box that we open.

The rug!

OMG the RUG is more beautiful in person than I could’ve ever imagined and it’s all you’ve guys have been asking about on Instagram and in my DMs but the mattress is what Emie is loving most right now. She hasn’t stopped jumping up and down and has literally refused to sleep in her crib ever since it came!

We took the crib apart this weekend (cue the tears) and we’re in full on big girl bed transition mode! The bed frame is here but we’re holding off on putting it together until final paint touch ups are finished so, she’s sleeping on the mattress on the floor – AND SHE’S LOVING IT!

So many people are asking for links to the main items we’re using in this space so I’m linking everything down below! After our Week One post went live for Emie’s room – I received so many messages of support and encouragement and I just want to let you know that your excitement to see this space come together, makes me excited! Thank you so much for being here and rooting for us along the way, it means more than you know!

Bed / Mattress / Rug / Basket / Dresser / Mirror / Fan


This week we’re finishing up paint (I’m having color commitment issues) and building the closet doors (which we just realized don’t fit)! Haha, of course they don’t!

Like I said earlier…it wouldn’t be the One Room Challenge if there weren’t a few hiccups along the way and boy do we have our fair share of them. Stay tuned to Instagram to see how we work through our One Room Challenge issues and as always, thank you for being here!

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