My Favorite Thrift Store Scores

With all the stuff that we acquired over the holidays, the house started feeling heavy with things. I looked around one day shortly after Christmas and I felt like my home lacked a lot of interest. Everything was new – which isn’t a bad thing – but what I crave for our home is a mix of new and old and we were seriously lacking the old! So I decided that I if I brought any more decor into my home, it had to be special, unique, and thrifted. Today’s post is all about some of my very favorite thrift store scores I’ve found lately and how they look around the house!

Thrifting is one of those things that ebbs and flows – you don’t find great pieces every time you go, but it’s frequency and consistency that are key when you’re on the lookout for something super special or specific. Over the years we’ve frequented quite a few thrift or secondhand stores – we even thrifted a massive stockpile of brand new diapers when we found out we were expecting twins in 2015 – and while that was probably our greatest money saver of all time, these next few items are some of my very favorite finds of all time:

Sphere Lamp from Home Consignment Center of Foothill Ranch:

I locked eyes on this beauty as soon as I stepped foot inside the second hand store and just knew I had to have it. I loved everything about it from the shape to the tapered conical lamp shade and although it has made it’s rounds throughout the house, it’s living it’s best life right here in Emie’s big girl room and I’m kinda jealous!

Gold Gilded Round Mirror from Goodwill:

I happened upon this beveled edged mirror at our local Salvation Army and almost passed on it until I picked it up and felt how heavy with was! Between the beveled edge mirror glass and the solid oak frame, the $12 price tag was more than worth it for something this well made. I’m still looking for its forever spot in our house but right now it’s sitting atop our mantle with a small collection of other mirrors that I’ve hoarded and I love the way it looks!

Laundry Basket from Salvation Army:

Thrift stores are a great place for thrifting baskets and I snatched up this wicker laundry basket so quick when I spotted it in store. It had a blue liner that I immediately tossed because – gross! – and a cute basket somehow makes doing laundry more fun.

Vintage Needle-point Art from Savers:

Art is something I’ve been honing in on when I go out thrifting as of late and I can’t believe I almost passed up the piece that now lives above Emie’s bed! Not only is it vintage one of a kind, the colors couldn’t be more perfect – from the golden tones of the faded yarn that match the curtain trim to the bodice of the ballet dancer that matches my Rit Dye curtain project – sometimes all you need is that one special piece to really tie things together.

Swing Arm Brass Floor Lamp from Goodwill:

I polled the audience on Instagram and majority said this was a “grandma lamp” but damn this grandma lamp is looking mighty fine in our living room. Hubba-hubba. I polished the brass base and gave the yellowed pleated shade a couple coats of a black spray paint which instantly modernized the grandma lamp.

What do you think about my recent thrifted finds? I’ve thrifted even a few more gems since writing this post so look out for a follow-up with even more scores. Have you thrifted anything cool lately?

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