Best of Amazon: Pajama Edition

A few years ago I overhauled my pajama drawer – I got rid of all the scratchy sweats and oversized t-shirts and asked for 5 pairs of my favorite pajama pants for Christmas. It was the best decision I ever made and it felt like such a practical Christmas request that I loved receiving. Fast forward a few years and those beloved pajama pants have worn quite a bit or have turned into painting pants (everyone has a pair of painting pants, right?) and I’m looking to upgrade my pajama drawer again.

Considering I spent a good portion of this past year in pajamas (thank you 12 weeks of bedrest) I’d like to think I’m an expert in comfortable pajama wear because of it and I’m all about the matching set / pajama dress now. Nothing says welcome to adulthood like a matching pj set!

I rounded up the softest, coziest, and most comfortable pajamas from Amazon. I own 5 of the 9 (I took #3, #7, and #9 to the hospital when I had Milly) shown below and I honestly can’t choose a favorite – they’re that good!

One / Two / Three

Four / Five / Six

Seven / Eight / Nine

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