Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

Halloween festivities are ramping up around here – we’ve got plans to decorate the exterior of our house this weekend and Emie has been requesting a “sleepover” in our room so that’ll be happening tonight and I figured we’d kick off the Halloween season with a little popcorn and a kid-friendly movie in bed with one of our seasonal favorites below…

I’m really looking forward to the popcorn and movie but not really the sleeping part (or lack thereof) if I’m being honest LOL. I’m a real purist this time of year and basically won’t watch anything that doesn’t have a seasonal spin so even though most these movies lean juvenile, I definitely enjoy them too and I’m excited to check all these off the list in the coming month. Read through to see if your favorites are listed below and let me know if there’s one I missed that is a must-watch.:

Halloween Town

I actually only discovered this one a few years back – super cute and I think there’s 3 in total. I prefer the 1st but they’re all really fun and small kid appropriate. Watch on Disney+

Casper (1995)

This one is adorable and a one I remember being enamored with as a kid. Some of the storyline revolves around death/passing away, so if that’s a sensitive or scary topic in your household you might want to consider passing this one over but otherwise it’s very sweet and a yearly staple around here. Watch on Peacock or Tubi


A festive movie that focuses on the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead that’s filled with music and loveable characters. Watch on Disney+

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – need I say more? If I do, it’s a cute movie about twin sisters who set off on an adventure to free their Great Aunt who has been trapped inside a mirror by their other Great Aunt (also a twin). All this takes place on Halloween night of course. Watch on YouTube, Vudu, or Amazon Prime TV

Hocus Pocus

A Halloween classic and a must watch for me every year. It is a bit mature IMO and probably best for kids a bit older – Emie wasn’t interested at all last year – but your call. Also…who else is excited for Hocus Pocus 2?! Watch on Disney+

The Addams Family

Watch this one after your littles are in bed or reserve it for older kiddos due to some violent scenes, dark humor, and sexual innuendo. It’s not overtly “Halloween” but I do love the set design and costumes of this one. Watch on YouTube, Vudu, or Paramount+

Harry Potter (the series)

A series full of magic, adventure, and fantasy which makes it the perfect series to watch during Halloween month. Watch on Peacock, YouTube, or Amazon Prime Video

The Witches

Based on the novel by Roald Dahl about a little boy who stumbles upon a group of witches at a hotel convention and lot’s of hilarity ensues. Emie requests this one every year. Watch on YouTube, Vudu, or Amazon Prime TV

The Nightmare Before Christmas

We tried this one last year (Emie was 4) and after about 15 mins in she wasn’t really interested – maybe it was the imagery or the storyline, not sure – but she loved the soundtrack and we listened to that for weeks afterwards. Might try this one again this year. Watch on Disney+

Room on the Broom

This one is short and super sweet! Watch on Netflix or AppleTV


Such a classic! We introduced this one to Emie last year and she loved it. There’s a bit of foul language and some intense scenes but overall such a love story of a boy and his alien. Watch on YouTube, Vudu, or Amazon Prime TV

Monsters Inc.

This is a cute and an easy watch for your kids of all ages – the perfect intro to Halloween season. Watch on Disney+

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