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This year we vowed to focus on ways to re-imagine several spaces in our home so that those spaces could work harder for us and accomodate some major shifts that were happening in our family. Not only are we working from home now in this post-pandemic world, but at the end of 2020 we found out that a new baby would be joining our family in 2021 too! Lots of big life changes happened the past year!

Living in an already small home meant we had to think about where we could creatively carve out space for an office AND a nursery and being that our home is already “maxed out” on space, it was a fun challenge to shift things around in order to make space for our new life so to speak. And although not much progress was made earlier this year on these spaces due to me being on bedrest, we welcomed a beautiful, new – and HEALTHY – baby in April and her special space is finally ready to share!

Here’s the space before:


If you’re unfamiliar with this area, it’s directly across from our bed, in the primary bedroom – which makes it the perfect spot for a tiny crib for a teeny tiny baby.

Here’s the space now:

We gave up the TV and dresser in exchange for a whole lot of personality and a perfectly sized mini crib from Babyletto.

We installed an affordable closet system in each of the closets to make up for the lost dresser space and with a baby who is always sleeping, we don’t watch much TV in our primary bedroom these days. The end result is much cuter in my opinion anyways…

The nook itself is only about 50″ wide which isn’t quite large enough for a full sized crib but the Origami mini crib by Babyletto was a perfect fit and turned this awkward nook into something really special!

The Origami Mini Crib by Babyletto is not only space saving but it’s mobile too. The crib can fold up and move wherever you need it to be which proved to be really useful those first few weeks. I wheeled the crib right up to the bedside and the crib acted as a bassinet right after she came home from the hospital. Now that she’s a bit older and not waking up nearly as often, we’ve removed the wheels and her mini crib is stationed in it’s permanent home.

To differentiate this area from the rest of the primary bedroom, we wallpapered the back of the nook with a playful removeable wallpaper that’s both neutral enough for a bedroom but whimsical enough for a nursery space.

From afar the print reads more like a pattern but up close you can pick out the different animals that make up the print – making it the perfect choice for a space that’s being shared by Mom, Dad, and baby.

I added a few art prints to the side wall and had them framed at my favorite custom framing shop. When I was put on bedrest at 26 weeks, I really related to the idea that my body was this coocoon that, if patient and protective enough, would result in something beautiful and special. After a few scary and confusing weeks, thankfully, it did! For that reason, the moth/butterfly has felt really representative of this last pregnancy and what better way to incorporate that sentiment, than here?

To the left of the nursery nook, I gave up one of my closets and turned it into baby central complete with an in-closet changing pad!

When we had discussed long term bunking with Milly, one of the things I knew we needed but didn’t have room for was a changing station – where else would we change the baby in the middle of the night? I brainstormed a bunch of different ideas and landed on this one and am pleasantly surprised at how well it functions – even despite my closet space getting cut in half!

As I said earlier – we’re maxed out on space in this house, now even more so than ever, but I’m pretty proud of how we were able to carve out some dedicated space for Milly by implementing some much needed organization and using some creative furniture solutions.

Long term we’ll probably sell our house in the coming years and buy something with a 4th bedroom but for now, we’re all peacefully co-existing (and sleeping) in the primary bedroom.

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