Tips Every Renter Needs

Yesterday I talked about the drawbacks of rental living and the slew of things I wish I could change about our current abode but today I’m here with good news and lots-o-tips for all my fellow renters out there!
Despite the laundry list of things you CAN’T do or change in your rental, there are so many things that you CAN!
Ready to get started?
#1 – Paint, paint, and more paint

I’ve lived in many an apartment and in all my experiences, most leasing companies, and/or landlords are totally ok with a little paint so long as you paint it back at the end of your lease term. Our leasing company actually offers the services of their painting contractor to come in and paint any walls of your choosing in any color for a nominal fee. How awesome is that?! When move out time rolls around our leasing company also offers paint samples in the original color(s) and sheen for any touch ups or walls that need re-painting.
When we moved in I painted 3 walls – the main wall in the dining room, main wall in the master bedroom and guest bedroom. Paint is a simple and cost effective way to carry your design vision throughout your entire apartment with very little time and monetary commitment.
#2 – Let there be light
#3 – Rugs are your best friend

#4 – Hardware shmardware

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