3 Ways to Decorate with FREE Greenery

Welcome back to Day 2 of my 12 Days of Christmas blog series! Today I’m talking about the best thing ever – FREE holiday decor! Are you sold yet?
This time of year I love decorating with greenery. It’s brings so much movement and life into a room and especially now, it’s seasonally appropriate. We stopped by our local home improvement store where they were selling Christmas trees and asked for any stray branches they had leftover from trimming up the trees. The employees kindly pointed us to a designated bin and we left with an armful of branches without having to bust out the wallet. How great is that?
When we brought the branches home I filled the tub with some cold water and let the branches soak for about an hour before I got to work. Ready to see what I came up with? Let’s take a look!
Make a Door Swag
This little project couldn’t be easier. I took 3-4 branches, trimmed them up, and bound them together at the top with a little electrical tape. Add a big sparkly bow with long tails and call it done.

Create a Centerpiece
Layer a bed of evergreen branches in the center of your table, mix in a few candles, and sprinkle a few jingle bells all around for a festive and free centerpiece to your holiday table!

Fill Out Your Fake Tree
Snip off longer sections of branches and pop them in all around your tree to instantly fill it out. Nothing is prettier than a full and lush tree! Adding the real evergreen branches brings in a added dimension and layer and no one will ever know the difference! Can you?

With just a handful of free branches from our local home improvement store, I was able to decorate 3 different areas around our home and I still had some to spare! I hope this little tip and my few examples will show you that decorating – especially for the holidays – doesn’t have to break the bank because sometimes the best things in life are free!

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