Reviewing Our 2017 House Goals

Hey there, 2018!

Today is my first day back to reality and man…it hurts! We had a wonderful first Christmas with baby girl – even though we ALL got sick – we still managed to enjoy the extra time at home and extra morning snuggles. As great as it’s been to take a step back and slow down, I’m ready to get after 2018! Are you?

At the beginning of last year I set a few house goals for 2017 and am proud to say we accomplished most of what we wanted to do! We had to scale back our original plans along the way – hello new baby – but I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what we set out to do at the beginning of last year and recap our 2017 house projects.

2017 House Goals:

Living Room + Built-Ins

You guys! The built-ins are done! Easily our most fear-inducing / biggest DIY to date but it was far easier than we expected – makes me wonder why we waited so long.


After I shared how we installed the lower portion of the built-ins, we wrapped the upper portion of our built-in DIY right before Thanksgiving. Expect a tutorial soon but until then, here’s how that side of our living room is looking these days:


We still need to mount the TV but we keep going back and forth on getting a bigger TV. If we ever decide what we want, we’ll mount it and then this room will be ready to Netflix and chill.

Guest Bath

Another one of our 2017 house goals that we finished just before year’s end – right before hosting our very first Thanksgiving actually. Nothing like a little holiday gathering to kick our butts in gear.


We originally planned a much larger, full scale renovation, but with new baby on board we opted for a less intrusive/messy refresh to hold us over until 2018.


Phase 2 of guest bath overhaul will include new flooring, vanity, and tub – all the hard surfaces. Here’s to hoping 2018 will finally be it’s year but until then…I’m loving the in between too.

Bedroom #2 – Lila’s Room

Ugh. This room.

Tween Bedroom Update

I started and stopped this room like 156 times. It’s a room I’ve struggled with since we moved in (mostly because I dislike the yellow accent wall, I think) and although I made progress in here, it’s far from complete. I call this one a total fail.


I still don’t have a clear direction or plan for this room so it probably won’t be revisited in 2018 so until then it’s #progressnotperfection.

Bedroom #3 – The Nursery

Also done! We finished up the nursery just in time for Emie’s arrival in February and now almost a year later, it’s still the most finished room in our house.


As we approach her 1st birthday we’re making a few tweaks in preparation for solo sleeping! She’s been sleeping in our room (in her crib) since she was born (so much for a finished nursery, huh?!) and now we’re getting this room put back together to transition her into the new-to-her-nursery.


I’m wrapping up a post on nursery closet organization and finalizing the tweaks we’re tackling to make this room “Emie ready” so be on the look out for those posts soon!

We made some major strides in 2017 towards a more finished home but we had some setbacks and adjustments along the way too. In 2018 we may revisit a few of these spaces to finally call them complete but come back later this week for a full run-down of what we hope to tackle in the year ahead.

What do you have on your house goals list for 2018?

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