2018 House Goals

Yesterday I recapped our 2017 house goals and today is all about looking ahead to what’s in store for our house in 2018. Before last year, we never really set house goals but by sitting down and really trying to figure out what we wanted from our house, setting house goals helped to narrow our focus in what seems to be a never ending to-do list.

Last year our needs definitely changed with the addition of a now almost one year old. How we live and function in our home is drastically different from our life before and really thinking about how we live day to day and what we need out of our house has really driven our house goals for 2018. There are definitely spaces I would love to add to our house goals list for 2018 (I’m looking at you f*ugly kitchen) but our kitchen functions just fine for now and we need to pour our time and money into other areas that will serve our family better.

For 2018 here are the spaces we hope to tackle and improve:

Guest Bath 2.0

We tackled a mini refresh just before Thanksgiving but I would really love to bring this room across the finish line in 2018. In 2017 we mentioned that we had already replaced the toilet and have already purchased a vanity so half the hard choices have already been made! Now that Emie is bathing in here regularly – we really need to address the dated, discolored tub and really make this bathroom worthy of her cute little toosh!


Dining Room

It’s more of a dining area in our open concept living space but still…it needs a lot of help. We’re currently using a hand-me-down table from my Mom, a dated light fixture, but new chairs is what we really need. They’re wobbly, creaky, and we’re constantly tightening them. It’s time!


And probably for the first time in the history of EVER, Sikmon agrees we need something new – so it’s full steam ahead before he can say no.


Ugh. The bane of my existence. Another tricky space in our home that I have never been totally happy with. This was the first space we tackled when we moved in and although it was a great visual improvement, it needs a lot of functional help. It’s the hardest working space in our house but the systems we have in place just aren’t working. Case in point:



It looks like this 360 days a year. #sendhelp


I’d say this is my biggest want on our 2018 house goals list mainly because it’s our biggest need. We don’t have a front yard, backyard, or any parks within walking distance but we do have a pretty sizeable deck (900 sqft) and with a very active baby I really think we could utilize this space a lot better than we have a give her a place to run and let out all that baby energy. I would love to bring in some turf or other soft surface for playing and create a seating area for lounging and one for dining. I’d say this is by far our biggest undertaking but here’s hoping we can put a dent in it in 2018!


Here’s hoping that 2018 is the year we finally put doors back on our closets (we currently have 3 closets without doors plus the pass-through into the nursery)! I thought I could be the person that lived with an open concept closet but no. Just no. I am not that person. Who did I think I was? Too much visual chaos makes my head spin. I need doors – all the doors. STAT!


2018 is already well underway and I can’t wait to get after our house goals for this year. I think we’ll probably tackle the doors first – my sanity sorta depends on it – and I’m already dreaming and scheming about that dining space. Be sure to stay tuned here and follow us on Instagram for a more behind the scenes look at our daily lives!

What do you have on the house agenda for this year? I’d love to hear!

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