Reviewing our 2018 House Goals

I feel like we blinked and 2018 was gone so when we decided to sell the house halfway through the year, our 2018 house goals went by the wayside with a bigger goal now at the tippity top of our priority list. Nevertheless, let’s recap where we ended up at the end of 2018.

2018 House Goals:

Guest Bath 2.0

Probably our biggest and most satisfying project of 2018 was a weekends only project that we focused on halfway through the year and it’s still my favorite space in our entire home! Check out the full reveal and all the sources here.

Dining Room

Aside from installing some custom roman shades and replacing the old chandelier with a new light fixture, we didn’t make much progress in the dining room. What I had hoped to do in this space was more about finding furniture that was proportionally better for the space plus a few small changes – nothing major – but of course time (and money) got away from us so this space was nixed from the list.


Nope. Not much happened here either except I took away all the furniture so it gave us less space to dump everything and create unnecessary clutter and instead, forces us to put things where they belonged instead of piling it up in the entry like we used to.



Another area we did absolutely nothing to except add more obnoxiously colored plastic toys. We did build a DIY water table for Emie over the summer that I still owe you a tutorial on. I haven’t forgotten! I really wish we would have taken more advantage of that gorgeous view though!



Happy to report that this was the one other thing we actually did accomplish this year! Woohoo! And the fact that we can now close the closet doors in our master bedroom and hide all the clothing mess brings me immense joy! For now we decided to stay door-less in the nursery and after a few more organizational tweaks in that closet, it’s much better to look at!


Ha! Looking back over the list, I sorta feel like we didn’t accomplish much in 2018 but with some shifting priorities midway through 2018, we kinda scratched our original plans and instead focused on getting our home show ready.

Be on the look out for everything we did / are doing to prepare our home to sell coming to the blog next week and in the meantime, how did you measure up on your 2018 house goals?

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