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The driving force behind our previous laundry room renovation that wrapped up earlier this year was actually out of necessity – a water leak originating from the upstairs condo forced us to completely gut and re-do a room that wasn’t even on our radar.

As I’m sure you all know by now, our home was on the market at the time, we had actually just accepted an offer when *BAM* – a stupid leak nearly derailed the entire thing. Lucky for us, the damage was covered by insurance and so long as all the necessary repairs were made, our buyers were gracious and understanding throughout the entire renovation process.

The final reveal that I’m sharing today is a very toned down version of what I would’ve designed the space to be had we not sold our home to someone else in the midst of this. When putting together the space I had to keep a few things in mind: budget and mass appeal.

When the damage was surveyed by insurance they cut us a check which meant we had to be sure that all repairs – and any suprises that may have popped up along the way – would be covered by what was given to us. We didn’t want to go over budget and pay out of pocket for a house we were handing over to someone else so budget was a top concern. We also had to keep in mind that this house was no longer ours and our choices here had to be universally appealing. This was something I really struggled with because it was truly an unexpected and totally paid for opportunity to go all out but Sikmon reeled me in and the end result was something the new owners could easily put their own personal stamp on. Despite all this, I’m still very happy and very proud at how well the space turned out. It’s clean, crisp and the perfect starting point for anyone!

If you don’t remember what the space looked like before, let me remind you:

And now…a few simple things like paint, updated cabinets, heck…matching appliances from this century make the biggest difference!

The old walls were restaurant grade plastic attached to the wall with raised rivet like screws – yuck! The floors were the same flesh colored tile shown in the first photo, there were no baseboards around the entire perimeter of the closet, and the cabinets were cheapy particle board throwaways. All this got removed and quickly discarded.

We installed nicer cabinetry with a beveled front panel and heavy drum knobs, tiled the floors with a marble-look tile and finished them off with baseboards to match the rest of the house. The new sheetrock made a massive visual improvement alone but had we stayed, I would’ve tiled the whole thing floor to ceiling for an even bigger improvement!

The overall result is something I love and am happy to pass onto the new owner. It goes to show that small but impactful design choices can completely transform a space.

If you’re curious to know in where anything is from, there will be a source post coming soon – be sure to check back then!

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