Finding Privacy with Nostalgic Warehouse

One of the things we loved most about our current home was that it was “mostly” finished and well maintained. After 3 years of living in our previous home which was always in some sort of renovation disarray, it was nice to find a place that didn’t need any major immediate renovations.

But while we do have plans to overhaul each and every space as time and budget allows, we’re taking it slow while still making impactful changes throughout our home that are proving to be life changing in both form and function!

One of our most recent upgrades was installing new door hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse throughout our entire home – I seriously wish we had done it sooner! When we moved in a couple months ago, the original door hardware was mismatched (silver hinges & oil rubbed bronze everything else), falling off, and it was only a matter of days before we realized, it wasn’t very functional either.

While door hardware may seem like an insignificant detail many would overlook on their renovation to-do list for years and years, I’m here to tell you that it’s a worthwhile investment that will create a huge impact and solicit lots of compliments – ours sure did!

The original hardware was oil rubbed bronze lever sets on builder grade 6-panel interior doors and at some point, someone had removed the locking mechanism on all the doors you’d expect or want to have locking capabilities – still not sure why – but ever try going to the bathroom in private with a two year that knows how to open doors? #goodluck

The barging into the bathroom unannounced was pretty bad! We had a few mishaps on Easter Sunday – our first family gathering at the new house – when a couple nosey toddlers made their way into the occupied bathrooms uninvited. It’s not that big of a deal when it’s Mom or Dad they’re barging in on…but aunts and uncles didn’t exactly find it funny. Oops! After that, installing new door hardware (with locks) shot straight to the top of our house to-do list.

In addition to the lack of bathroom privacy, I’ve discovered that toddlers can operate a lever style door handle with ease – lock or no lock – so when searching for door hardware to fit all our needs, I wanted a round knob that would at least be harder for tiny hands to operate. Anything to deter them from entering (or exiting) rooms we didn’t want them to be in. Just a little mom hack for everyone out there haha!

I’ve been a long time fan of Nostalgic Warehouse because their offerings are classic and timeless – a feeling and aesthetic I’m hoping our home comes to be in the coming years – and because we can see ourselves growing old here, I knew that I wanted to invest in quality hardware that would stand the test of time. The craftsmanship of the products from Nostalgic Warehouse is top notch and you can feel the literal difference in your hands (the hardware has such weight and heft!) between hardware you pick up off the shelf and a set from Nostalgic Warehouse.

It took me quite a long time to choose just one style to carry throughout our home – everything is so beautiful and the finish options are endless – but we landed on the Craftsman Knob with New York back plate in Antique Brass and guys…they’re stunning!

The quality is seriously amazing – that textured knob and sleek back plate get me every time. There’s a heft to the hardware and you just know that they’re built to last – completely unlike anything you can purchase at the local hardware store – and the Antique Brass finish is perfection.

I went through the house, counted doors, and then ordered a operating style for each door based on how we wanted the door to function. In the end we ordered privacy hardware (locking) for all the bathrooms, passage hardware (non-locking) for all the bedrooms, and a dummy hardware (stationary) set for our double door bedroom entry. It was easy-peasy!

The install was pretty smooth and painless too. The hardest part was actually removing the old hardware, go figure!

What’s surprised me the most about the install thus far – aside from being able to use the restroom in private – is the fact that I actually don’t mind my builder grade doors now that I have something beautiful and substantial to look at!

The 6 panel doors are not my first choice and was one of the few things that bothered me significantly enough that we actually considered changing them out right away but with the pretty new hardware taking center stage now, it’s hardly something I notice anymore and is helping me hold off on a big purchase like that for a bit longer.

In addition to updating the hardware, we updated the hinges too and if the new hardware didn’t make the doors look good, these sure take it over the top! The previous hinges were silver and didn’t even match the hardware but now everything matches and I can die happy now!

Just look at those ball finial capped ends and drool! So, so good and totally worth the upgrade!

The other notable change we made was adding an additional knob to the double door bedroom entry off our living room. Although the left door is mostly stationary, the added hardware balances out the door and is a better visual in my opinion.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the result and the added functionality of our new door hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. If updating your door hardware has been sitting on your home to-do list for far too long (or even if it hasn’t been on the radar till now), I urge you to make an investment where it matters – the details! We all know the saying…the devil is in the details and this is the perfect example of just that! The details are often what get overlooked but often what takes a space across the finish line too.

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with Nostalgic Warehouse on this project and am looking forward to continue making this house our home, one impactful detail at a time!

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