Amazon Finds: Kitchenware + Gadgets

Our kitchen is far from my ideal kitchen (red backsplash tile anyone?!) and one day I hope we can gut the entire thing and do it up right but while it isn’t pretty right now, at least it’s functional in the mean time.

So! While we wait on a full kitchen reno that…let’s be honest…is probably years and years away, I’ve been buying and coveting all the beautiful kitchenware and gadgets. I think surrounding myself with beautiful tools in a space that I spend a lot of time in, makes the waiting period a tad bit easier. Here’s what I’m using and loving for the kitchen right now:

01: dinner bell // 02: ginger jar // 03: silicone reuseable bags // 04: salt cellar // 05: glass storage containers // 06: cuisinart knife block set // 07: white mixing bowls // 08: black marble spoon rest // 09: butter bell // 10: dust pan // 11: mortar & pestle // 12: marble lazy susan // 13: oxo pop top canisters // 14: keurig // 15: oil decanter // 16: olivewood rolling pin

We use a similar ginger jar next to the stove to corral our frequently used cooking tools, I chucked all my old plastic food storage containers and swapped them out for these, the butter bell, spoon rest, lazy susan, and oil decanter are exact items that I own, love, and make cooking in an ugly kitchen a little more appealing.

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