Caring For Our New Yard with Sunday

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Coming from a condo with literally no green surfaces to care for or worry about, we’ve sorta been fumbling our way through learning the ropes of landscaping all the outdoor spaces at the new house. It was such a learning curve in fact, that we failed miserably and have really done a number on our lawn over the last few months. Oops! Here’s the sad, sad, photographic proof:

Poor Sikmon has spent many weeks reading and watching lawn care tutorials, replacing sprinkler heads, digging out crabgrass, weeding, hedging, and seeding all the things in an effort to bring our grass (and the rest of our landscaping for that matter) back to life! We’ve spent many weekends at the home improvement store just standing in the garden center scratching our heads and staring blankly at all the options with literally not a single clue where to start or what our lawn really needed. Lawn care truly is secret science of water, fertilization, nutrients, and sun that we clearly haven’t mastered...just see above!

In the midst of our frustration, I scrolled the #lawncare hashtag on Instagram and found @get_sunday. We were desperate for tips that would help us get our lawn back on track before our neighbors started giving us sideways looks for single-handedly killing what once was a really nice green lawn. After scrolling their feed, seeing the vibrant green lawns, and reading the testimonials of their customers, I shot them a quick DM:

I discussed partnering with Sunday with Sikmon (our resident landscaper) – I wanted his a-OK before agreeing. Since purchasing our house, he’s been very invested in the exterior stuff so I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on any toes but he couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough. I think he was just as frustrated working on the lawn as I was looking at it! LOL.

What hooked me about Sunday were two things:

  • they use ingredients like food waste, molasses, and seaweed to create a lawn care product that’s better for people, pets, and the planet. No more icky chemicals!
  • they do all the hard stuff and take the frustration out of caring for your lawn: everything you need to build and maintain a beautiful green lawn is sent right to your door. No more head scratching!

I logged onto the Sunday website and ordered my lawn care plan right away. What’s cool is that you enter your address on Sunday’s website and after answering a few quick questions, they use satellite imagery to approximate the square footage of lawn you have in addition to gathering climate information for your area. With this information, they recommend the appropriate lawn care package to get you started. Easy peasy!

In no time at all, a neatly packed box arrives at your doorstep with everything you need to get you on your way to a greener and healthier lawn. A full service lawn care plan from Sunday starts at just $129 (!!) a year which includes a lab soil test kit, 3 separate shipments of nutrients based upon your soil findings, hose end sprayer, and customized lawn care instructions tailored specifically for your geographic location and climate. In our first box we received Sunday’s Iron Booster, the lab soil test kit, and a complete lawn care guide and instructions.

The first order of business was getting a soil sample. Sikmon was so eager to get going that he went out at 9pm and dug around in our grass for dirt. I’m sure our neighbors think we’re nuts but hey! it’s all in the name of greener grass! Haha!

Once you’ve obtained your soil sample, you mail it off and wait for the results (still waiting on ours at the time of this post) then the next two shipments of nutrients in your lawn care plan will be based upon the results of your soil test – meaning, you’ll get exactly what your lawn really needs! No guessing or head scratching because Sunday makes it easy!

Our customized lawn care instructions told us to spray on Sunday’s Iron Booster using the included hose sprayer attachment on all 4 lawn zones as shown above and recommended that we sprayed the nutrients on either first thing in the morning or later in the evening so we waited until dusk and got to watering! Quick tip: Sunday knows a thing or two about lawn care and has an entire blog full of FREE tools to help you build and maintain a beautiful lawn year-round!

We started in the back – don’t mind the dead shrubs in the background – we’re working on revitilzing our entire yard, starting with the lawn! The watering was easy – you just attach the included hose end sprayer to the nutrient pouch, attach the whole thing to your hose, and get to watering! As you can see…it was a family affair and everyone wanted to lend a hand!

What I appreciate most about Sunday – other than the promise of greener and healthier lawns – is their approach to lawn care. One of the very reasons we purchased this house was for that little one up there in the pink dress. We wanted to give her space to run around in and be a kid – something she didn’t have when we lived in the condo – so the thought of taking the traditional route and use harsh chemicals and pesticides where she plays (and let’s be real – sometimes eats because she’s 2!), just didn’t sit well with me. I love that Sunday offers a line of lawn care products that are made with ingredients like food waste, molasses, and seaweed extract. It’s just one less thing I have to worry about, because Sunday already did!

The Iron Booster pouch is filled with a thick coffee colored liquid (that’s the iron!) and it takes about 10-15 mins to water and drain the entire pouch. We watered on our first nutrient pouch over Labor Day weekend and we’re eager to see the lawn green up in the next few weeks! We will definitely keep you updated so be sure to follow along on stories to see how it all unfolds.

In the meantime, we’re spritzing weeds with the Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom sprays that Sunday sent along as well. Seriously so shocked at how fast (works in just 20 mins!) two products work killing unwanted and unsightly weeds! While we wait for our grass to perk back up, this is holding us over with that instant gratification!

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