A Look At Our Time At Home During SIP

Things are starting to open up around here (we live in Orange County) and while I’m looking forward to getting back to activities we had to cut out on pre-pandemic, I did sorta enjoy all the time spent at home with our daughter and the way our home benefited from all the extra hours at home too.

We definitely put our time to good use and I gotta say…our home has never looked better! I’m not looking forward to going back to an over-scheduled life so I’m hoping we can find some sort of balance moving forward and I honestly think that I’ll look back at our time at home during the pandemic as some of my fondest memories with this little family of mine. If you’re curious to know how we spent the last 3 months, here’s a look a what we’ve been up to behind closed doors:

Organized All the Things

Wallpapered A Closet

Read more about that here

Updated our House Numbers

Hung Window Coverings in the Living Room

DIYed a Table

Read more about that here

Then We Switched Some Art Around

Steam Cleaned Things

Took Family #Porchtraits

Built Raised Garden Beds

Started a Windowsill Food Scrap “Garden” Too

Ran Electrical for Exterior Lights

Touched-up Paint Everywhere

Plus A Lot of Non-Home Related Things

Time in quarantine was a bit of a blur and I know I’m leaving a whole lot out but out of all the house projects we’ve tackled these past few months, it’s the moments above I’ll remember most and am so grateful we were able to capture and share in had it not been for the global pandemic.


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