A Flock of Flamingos in the Closet

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Emie’s closet gets a lot of love on social media and we all know the reason why: her wallpaper! A couple weeks ago I shared all about how we re-configured Emie’s closet and how we gained so much storage space by doing so, and today I’m talking about the fun element we added to bring a pop of color to an otherwise boring closet.

When we worked on her room last Fall for the One Room Challenge, aside from building a pair of brand new closet doors, we basically neglected the inside of her closet due to time and budget. Although it would’ve been nice to address the problem late last year while her room was already undergoing a huge transformation, it was a close the door and forget it situation!

So while the rest of the room looked really good:

The inside still basically looked like this:

It could be so much better, right?! Right!

Here’s how we got to the much better after:

  1. We cleared out the closet in preparation to wallpaper
  2. I rolled out the first panel of Flamingo removable wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals (each panel is conveniently numbered)
  3. I peeled back the top 6″ of the first panel and positioned the panel on the back wall of the closet
  4. I used the provided tool to smooth and adhere
  5. Use a sharp blade to cut away any excess along the baseboards

The entire process was rather easy and straight forward but did take most of the day between toddler interruptions and mid-day naps. Sometimes what should be a quick project turns into an all day effort!

The finished result is even better than I had hoped!

The closet is now an extension of her room and it seriously gives me a huge smile every time I open the doors – having it organized helps too!

I was completely intimidated to use wallpaper but knowing that it was removable was reassuring. I had a bit of a learning curve with the first panel but the rest was smooth sailing after that.

Now I’m brainstorming all the areas I can use wallpaper for a fun pop of color or pattern! Have you ever used wallpaper in your house before?

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