Whole House Paint Round-Up

Part of creating a cohesive home is curating a collection of colors considered your home’s color palette and repeating those colors throughout the house for consistency and cohesiveness. Let’s take a walk through our home and check out the paint colors of each room


Wall: Timeless by Clare // Trim: Beigeing by Clare


Wall: Timeless by Clare // Trim: Beigeing by Clare


Wall: Timeless by Clare // Trim: Beigeing by Clare // Table Base: Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams


Wall: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore


Wall (matte) & Trim (satin): Rosewater by Behr


Wall: Jasper by Sherwin Williams

These are all the colors our home is currently using and when you put them all together, it looks a little like this:

Pretty, right?!

Of course our whole house color palette is ever changing and fluid but whenever we get around to renovating the rest of the house, it’ll change a bit and look a little like this:

It’s always a good idea to reference your home’s color palette whenever you’re looking to add a new color to your home just to make sure the new color plays nicely with the others and feels cohesive. I reference my palette a lot when designing a room and will often times repeat colors throughout our home to keep things concise.

If you have any questions about how to build your home’s color palette, I’d love to help but in the meantime, I hope this helps!

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  1. Could you please share where the curtains in the pink room are from?! They’re stunning with the pink walls…!

    • They’re off-the-shelf curtains from Target (Blackout Aruba Linen Window Curtain Panel color sour cream) that I dyed in a dye bath & then sewed trim to. I was in a rush to meet a deadline so I didn’t document the process very well. Sorry!

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