What’s In/On Your Nightstand?

I made the cutest little candle the other day using a thrifted cup and it’s the cherry on top of my nightstand decor. Nightstands are a place for both functional and non functional decor but I thought I would give you a peak at what I keep by my bedside.


Most of the nightstand’s surface is taken up by a big statement lamp – which doesn’t bother me one bit – it leaves less room for a bunch of unnecessary clutter. My stone diffuser from Vitruvi is a nightly must have. I keep a small trinket dish that used to be my great-grandmother’s on top to hold all my random hair accessories, a marble coaster is a must have for my nightly beverage, and my homemade candle of course!


Having a nightstand with a drawer was a priority for me – mostly so Sikmon could hide away all his unsightly cords and gadgets I’d rather not look at. In a pinch we picked up these nightstands from Ikea and elevated them by adding a gold cup pull.

Inside the drawer, I use a leather catchall to hold my favorite moisturizing lip balm, the TV/fan remote controls, my weighted eye mask (when I’m having migraines), as well as my regular eye mask. Next to the catch-all dish, I keep my sleep vitamins, a zipper pouch full of my favorite essential oils, Emie’s Promptly journal where I write down all of her milestones, and I also keep my favorite weekly planner notepad here too.


Our nightstands have plenty of room down below for some added storage. We each have a basket underneath where we keep the bulky things that our nightstands can’t accommodate. My basket has a heating pad (because I’m old haha) and a couple parenting books I reach for from time to time.

And in complete transparency, I also keep this metal pipe in the basket too – in case of intruders, I’m ready!

Sikmon’s side has more late life necessities: braces for just about every part of his body and a blood pressure cuff. I’m laughing just typing how ridiculous all this sounds.

What are your nightstand must haves?

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