ROUNDUP: My Favorite Cozy Throws for Fall

One of the best things about this time of year is getting to wear cozy sweaters, the extra layers of bedding, and covering up on the couch underneath a thick chunky blanket. Ahhh…I love Fall so much!

I keep a couple of big blanket stacks inside our media cabinet and 9 months out of the year they serve absolutely zero purpose with the weather here in CA but that doesn’t stop me from buying them! In fact, at the start of every Fall season, I buy a new throw – sorta as a welcome to the cold weather ahead! I’m rounding up all my faves below for you to welcome in the cold weather too.

Click any of the images below to take you directly to the shop page of each blanket.


I am definitely a blanket person and am trying to decided which blanket to add this season. It’s between this one or this one – but maybe I should just buy both haha! Do you bring out all the cozy blankets as soon as the weather turns? Let me know which blanket picks you’re loving from the round-up above in the comments below!

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