Our Home At Night

You guys typically see my home during the day when everything is looking all light and bright but want to know a secret?

I actually prefer our home at night when the light is warm and every space looks welcoming and inviting.

As we creep our way into Fall & Winter the sun outside sets earlier and earlier which just means more time for getting cozy inside. One of the things I love the most about this time of year is turning on all our lamps and dimmable lights right at dusk – let’s take a little night time look around the house, shall we?

We have the lamps on our media cabinet on a timer. They switch on just as sun outside is fades away and when you hear that satisfying click of the lamps turn on, it’s easily my favorite time of day.

Our cafe lights out on the covered patio switch on about the same time and it makes for the prettiest glow both inside and outside.

We’ve got two lights in the newly refreshed guest bathroom but the flush mount we installed above the tub is by far my favorite. The light pours out of those little holes on the side and casts the prettiest pattern on the ceiling. So much so that I’ve gotten into the habit of leaving the shower curtain open just so I can enjoy it more.

Emie’s room is right next door and every night before bedtime I go in, dim the lights, close the drapes, throw the cute pillows in a nearby basket, and set the mood for sleeping. Her room is probably my favorite at night time.

We added these wall sconces when we made over her room for the One Room Challenge but instead of hardwiring them, we use these battery operated light pucks to illuminate her room at night.

Right across the hall from Emie’s room is our room. During the day our walls look nearly black but at night under the soft glow of our table lamps is when they really look green.

My side of the bed is calling my name.

Thanks for taking a night time walk around the house with me – good night friends!

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