ROUNDUP: Wall Clocks for DLST

*intro image via Kristyn @blackard_modernfarmhouse*

Daylight Savings time comes twice a year and it’s always this weird time warp that leaves you feeling exhausted and extra tired until your body has had time to adjust to the new time. Even though the time difference is only a hour forwards or backwards, it always takes me at least a week for my body to feel acclimated.

We currently don’t have any wall clocks around the house but I realized that we have a spot in our kitchen that would be perfect for one so naturally, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect clock and am sharing all my picks with you below – there are so many good ones!

Now all I’ve got to do is decide on one before the time changes again!

Click any of the images below to take you directly to the shop page for each clock

Earlier this week I shared in stories a corner in our home that accumulates a lot of random junk. I think it’s finally time to sort things out in that area and make it a functioning command center for our family – with a beautiful wall clock as the cherry on top!

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