2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Gift guides are rolling out every Monday so if you missed any of the last few gift guides check them out here: for Toddlers + Preschoolers, click here. Looking for the gift guide for Her, click here.

Today I’m back with another gift guide and this time it’s FOR HIM! During quarantine we spent a lot of time cooking at home, entertaining ourselves at home, working on house projects so a lot of what’s in today’s gift guide is reflective of that plus a few tried and true gifts any guy would love!


  1. Cord Wraps // if your guy is anything like my guy then you’ve got 800 extension cords and no way to organize them. These velcro cord wraps are heaven sent and come with a grommet ring to hang them from – genius!
  2. Bluetooth Speaker // a project wouldn’t be a project without listening to some good tunes. The charge on this one lasts forever and it’s portable so we can listen to our favorite songs anywhere and everywhere!
  3. Pressure Washer // we got so much use out of our pressure washer during quarantine, every family needs one!
  4. Magnetic Wrist Cuff // this little accessory is a must have for and projects that require you to hold a ton of little parts.
  5. Flat Top Grill // for at home smash burgers or hibachi (my personal fave)!
  6. Circuit Tracer // we’ve done quite a bit of electrical work and this tool was requested by Sikmon. You plug the transmitter into the outlet you’re working on, and then the pen can scan the panel to determine which breaker needs to be shut off before starting work. Pretty cool!
  7. Massage Gun // to massage those sore muscles after a day of exercise, DIY, whatever makes you sore! There’s currently a $20 off coupon when you purchase!
  8. LED Lights // we added 4 of these to our garage and they screw right in to a regular lightbulb socket!
  9. Slim Wallet // the only wallet your man every needs – slim wallet that hold all the necessities and is literally indestructible. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  10. Flashlight // after several power outages we realized that we only had dinky flashlights so Sikmon added this heavy duty one to his wish list.
  11. Gyroscopic Screwdrivers // drives screws with the simple turn of the wrist – perfect to quick projects around the house.
  12. Laser Distance Measure // measures long range distances up to 65 ft with extreme accuracy – no more trying to decipher the little tick marks on a measuring tape


  1. Little Giant Ladder // a huge must have for projects in our home – the ladder can be configured many different ways: A-frame, to staircase, 90-degree, extension, and scaffolding.
  2. Rocketbook // a reuseable notebook that can be used for notetaking, doodling, etc and everything written can be linked up to go straight to your phone. Then just wipe clean and start again!
  3. Smart Watch // after burning through 2 different FitBits in 2 years, Sikmon switched over to this smart watch this year and loves it. The watch not only tracks steps, sleep, but links up to your phone to accept calls and messages too.
  4. Mini Drill // easy to grab and easy to use, my favorite utility tool for DIY projects.
  5. Yeti Cooler // the king of coolers for all your adventuring needs!
  6. Portable Projector // for backyard movie nights or streaming anything, anywhere.
  7. Ear Buds // a must-have for anyone working from home these days – no cords, no mess, and syncs right up to all your electronic devices.
  8. Golf Net // we utilized our exterior spaces a lot this year due to the shutdown and things like this kept us entertained when all the recreational places were closed down around us. We were able to get our energy out putting golf balls and taking batting practice in the garage/backyard.
  9. NoSweat Hat Liners // Sikmon has ruined several hats due to sweat stains – washing them in the laundry or dishwasher (did you know you could do that?) never quite helped so when I saw these, I thought they were pretty cool! Worth a shot, right?

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