How’s That Holding Up? – Our Painted Tile Floors 6 Months Later

It’s been six months (can you believe it?!) since I painted the floor tile in our guest bathroom and I still get questions about them regularly. I figured it’d be a good idea to circle back and let you all know how it’s held up to daily use and abuse in case you’re thinking about tackling a similar project yourselves.

Before we dive into how the floors are looking today, let’s look at how they looked on reveal day:

I’m happy to say that the floors still look nearly as great as they did the day we finished them even with how much foot traffic they see every day.

Our guest bathroom is used every day by our toddler for baths, teeth brushing, and the like, so there’s always lots of stuff to wipe up, multiple times a day. Emie is always dragging her stool from the toilet to the sink, the dog is always right on our heels so the floor has been subjected to puppy nails, and we mop and vacuum in here like crazy too. They’ve taken a beating!

Despite all this, there’s still not a single scratch or knick. There’s some scuffing – that’s to be expected I think, but overall I’m pretty impressed with how well they’ve held up.

Since the floors are black, they definitely show dirt, smudges, and grime a lot faster than something lighter which is annoying but also a good reminder to give them a good mop down. Regardless, I’m happy with our budget friendly choice to paint the floors until we can tackle a larger renovation in here. I definitely prefer how they look now to what they looked like before:

And here they are today – I didn’t even mop the floors before snapping this photo:

Not bad right?

The hand painted flowers are all still perfectly intact and I’m confident that the floors will continue to wear well for many months to come – and if they don’t, I won’t be out a ton of money. I don’t think that painting your floor tile is a permanent solution, but it can definitely buy you a year or two while you wait to completely renovate a space. I imagine you could reapply the top coat yearly to extend the life of your painted floors even longer but I’m just grateful that they have held up nicely thus far.

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  1. Hi there! Thinking of trying this too but in a bathroom with lots of messes and traffic as well. Just curious what cleaning products you e used on it and if you changed what products you mop with in order to protect your new look — I am hoping it can hold up to my go-to floor products! Thanks in advance.

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