Best of Amazon: Halloween Decor

Decorating for Halloween is something I look forward to all year long. Its a time of year where the décor can be a bit whimsical and fun – and now that I’m a mom, I enjoy making the house festive for the kids too.

When it comes to my Halloween decorating style, I tend to prefer an apothecary or classic Halloween look – nothing really gory or obviously “Halloween”. Most of the time I use a lot of what I already own, things I’ve thrifted, and then to take things up a notch, I’ll throw in just a few items that lean a bit more Halloween like skulls, crows, or black hardcover books to create just a touch of spook throughout the house.

I know Halloween is several weeks away but if you want to sprinkle some spook around your home this year, now is the time to start shopping because things sell out fast! Amazon is a great resource for all things Halloween – I’m sharing my favorites and how I’d style them below:

Cauldron – fill with candy, some fall foliage, or even just some apples for a functional Halloween centerpiece.

Leather bound book – this looks like a the old spell book from Hocus Pocus! Style it on your coffee table atop some black hardcover books.

Skull – a Halloween staple and this one is huge!

Geode – can be used as year round décor but definitely feels a bit mythical and fun for the season.

Blanket – another year-round décor piece but the color and texture speaks to the season.

Crows – I love setting these eerie little crows on top of the curtain rods, light fixtures, or even up on top of the TV as if you just left the door wide open and they flew in and made themselves at home.

Bats – an inexpensive way to spread the spook!

Crystal Ball – every haunted house needs a crystal ball right?

Animal skull – taxidermy is another great example of something that isn’t technically Halloween but totally is…

Selenite – I imagine witches and wizards have some of this lying around

Gauze – drape pieces over mantles or the tops of lampshades

Match sticks – because lighting candles with matchsticks is way more fun

Black Tapers – every spook scene needs a bunch of flickering candles and I love tapers because they burn down and get that drippy look

Doll Heads – every year this is the one décor item I get the most comments about

Cloche – stick those doll heads under a glass cloche (that can be reused later) for an instant spook factor!

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