ROUNDUP: Vases + Vessels

I have a few empty spaces around the house that I’ve been trying to fill so I’ve been hunting for shelf décor and I’ve amassed quite the collection of vases as a result. I just received two new ones (they’re so good – I had to share) and considering they’re one of the easiest things to thrift too, it’s hard to say NO when you come across a good one!

I shared a roundup of my favorite faux florals a few days ago so here’s a roundup of beautiful vases and vessels to pair with your faux (or real) florals to welcome in the Spring season.

  1. Asymmetrical Vase // 2. Patterned Mini Vase // 3. Terracotta Vase // 4. Cane Sleeve Vase // 5. Flanged Vase // 6. Smoked Glass Vase // 7. Beige Ridged Vase // 8. Tiered Vase // 9. Rattan Vase // 10. Glazed White Bowl
  1. Clear Spotted Vase // 12. Round Textured Vase // 13. Glazed Handled Vase // 14. Large White Jug // 15. Stoneware Vase // 16. Black Stone Vase // 17. Whitewashed Bowl // 18. Ribbed Glass Vase // 19. Clay Vase // 20. Blue & White Bud Vase // 21. Curvy Glass Vase // 22. Ivory Gourd Vase

I’m dying to get my hands on #1, #8, #11, and #14 but I should probably purge a few others before I add to my collection. I own #18 and #22 and they are way bigger and better than I expected! Which vessels catch your eye?

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