ROUNDUP: Faux Florals for Spring

Spring? Is that you?

I received some flowers on Valentine’s Day from Sikmon and the kids and I forgot how happy having fresh flowers in the house made me feel. I made up a couple of arrangements out of the big bouquet I received and sprinkled them throughout the house and WOW – it was an instant mood booster for sure!

I was quickly reminded how much I love having flowers in the house – something I’ve definitely slacked on lately. I used to make a habit of grabbing fresh flowers during my weekly grocery runs but I’ve been doing a lot more curbside grocery pick-up and less in person shopping and as far as I know, fresh florals isn’t something you can add to cart and pick up curbside. Bummer!

As a result, I’ve dipped my toe in the faux floral pool and have been getting my fresh floral fix with a couple of convincing faux options that are too good not to share.

As a disclaimer…I haven’t always been a fan of faux florals – I’m really picky about my flowers – but they’ve come a long way in recent years and nowadays, the fakes are hard to spot. I’ve surprised even myself and have been embracing faux florals in my décor more and more because it’s a really convenient way to get the fresh floral feel with something that requires zero thought or maintenance. Here’s a few faux floral options that have passed the test:

  1. Gardenia Leaf Branch // 2. Clematis Spray // 3. Gysophilia Stem // 4. Preserved Hydrangea Bloom // 5. Faux Fern // 6. Boxwood Topiary // 7. Blue Globe Thistle // 8. Cream Lilac // 9. Skimmia Berry Stem // 10. Preserved Eucalyptus // 11. Hydrangea Bud Vase

I own #3, #5, #9, and #10 (#10 is shown in the intro photo and #5 is the overhead shot) – they’re beautiful, right? Which one is your favorite from the round-up above?

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