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I received a comment the other day asking about the desk chair in our home office and I realized that I never shared the finished space with you here on the blog – oops! So today we’re rewinding a bit and I’m going to share all about how we took an under-utilized closet from THIS:

to this:

If you’re new here and wondering why we made this decision for our home, check out this post here for all the details plus our initial design plan for the “cloffice”.

Long story short, we needed a work from home office and this was literally the only place (at the time) for a decent sized work space. We cleared out the closet in our former guest room and with a few materials, we made it a much more functional space for my husband to work from home from.

We installed a couple of 2x4s into the studs at desk height (between 29″-30″) along the back and two side walls to create a solid structure for the desk top to sit atop. Then we added a 2×4 down the middle for added support and to help prevent the table top from bowing.

From there we cut the desk top to size and added it right on top (no glue or screws necessary) and then added beadboard paneling above and below the desktop and then caulked everything to perfection!

The finishing details included removing the random shelf bracket and running a new ledger board the entire length of the wall – no clue why there was half a board and one bracket before but we cleaned it up and made it look seamless. We also added quarter round trim along the perimeter of the desktop to hide the gaps where the beadboard met the desktop and painted everything a really pretty greenish-blueish-grey color.

After all the construction was complete, our new home office was ready for use:

It was much better than where we started:

If you’re interested in where anything is from, all the sources are linked below:

All in One Computer // Desk Chair // Faux Marble Countertop // Wall Sconce // Binder Clips // Marble Dish // White Grid // Beadboard Paneling // Wall Paint // Ink Pen // Coal Bucket (as a trash can) // Lamp Shade

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