A Back To School Capsule Wardrobe for Emie

While I, myself, am not much of a fashion enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoy dressing my girls and building capsule wardrobes for them year in, year out. Emie has really emerged as a budding fashionista as of late and has real opinions about what she does and doesn’t like to wear so whenever her wardrobe needs a little freshening up, I always make sure to get her stamp of approval beforehand.

Milly on the other hand is in what I like to call the sweet spot – where clothes for her are cute again (I’ve never been overly impressed with baby clothing) – and she hasn’t quite figured out that she has a say in what I do or do not dress her in. I love dressing a baby from about 1.5-4 yo until big opinions come into play but regardless, I’ve always stuck to a capsule wardrobe of sorts for both girls over the years so that everything can mix and match and it’s easy enough for Emie at least to get dressed independently and still look put together – especially on busy school mornings.

Here’s a full look at what we purchased for Emie for back-to-school:

pink zip up // spotted dress // scrunchies // distressed shorts // striped pants // balloon dress // ruffle sleeve shirt // shortalls // choose kindness // striped shorts // bow shoes // skinny jeans // headbands // velcro shoes // purple dress

And even though Milly isn’t heading off to school this year, I did purchase some items for her too so if you’re interested, here’s what we scooped up for her as well:

blue dress // polka dot romper // tie dye set // cali tee // blue gingham set // ribbed polka dot set // spaghetti strap onesies // blue ruffle onesie // purple romper // floral jumper // blue flower set

If you still need to do your back to school shopping, H&M (where all these clothes are from) is running a huge sale at the moment – post not sponsored – we just love them!

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