Cute Kids Books for Fall

We’re coming upon my favorite time of year – the holiday season – and there’s nothing I love more than kicking off the season with seasonally appropriate books, eating seasonally appropriate meals, and sweaters…lots and lots of sweaters!

I really love to go all out and embrace the magic of the season – especially for my kids – it’s so fun seeing their little faces light up! One thing we do each year is pull out all of our season specific books from our holiday tubs and then spend the next few weeks pouring over them every night. If you’re anything like us and love to freshen up your book stash to reflect the current season, here are some of our Fall seasonal favorites:

*all of these plus a ton more are linked in my Amazon Storefront*

How to Make Friends with a Ghost // Sweep // Stumpkin // There’s a Witch in your Book // The Leaf Thief // Bonaparte Falls Apart // Room on the Broom

Pick a Pumpkin // T is for Thankful // The Little Old Lady // Ghost Afraid of the Dark // Gustavo the Shy Ghost // The Little Kitten // Don’t Push the Button

*if you like this post then stick around – I’ll be sure to do one for the Christmas holiday season too*

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