Timeless door hardware for the condo

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We’ve been slowly updating the condo since we purchased it last Summer and with every update we make, our hope is to strip it of it’s former identity as a rental property and breathe a little life back into the home. Before it was ours, it had been rental for several decades and it was evident that not much was done to update it over the years besides what was necessary to keep it livable for the tenants.

Down the main hallway of the condo there are six different doors all of which lead to various rooms or closets but between those six doors, there were at least four different styles, colors, or finishes of door knobs. It was what I like to call a “landlord special”.

The doors themselves were in really rough shape too. All the hinges had been painted over, the latch holes were a mangled mess, and the hardware the previous owners installed was not only mismatched, but cheap and literally falling off/out of the doors.

We’ve been slowly chipping away at our long list of to-dos here but repairing each door was at the very top. Take a look at some of these very bad BEFORE photos of what we were dealing with:

We spent a few weekends swapping out all the old door hardware and it was one of those project that was so easy but also really transformative – sort of like what painting the walls does to a space! One thing I’ve learned after owning two other properties is that door hardware is a cohesive element for your interior and exterior doors and will really elevate the overall look of your home when you install a unifying style throughout.

I was happy to get rid of all this old door hardware:

We worked with Ageless Iron to choose a door hardware style and landed on the Vale Short Plate with the Keep Knob – which is absolutely stunning and so high quality!

All the door hardware from Ageless Iron is made from cast iron and powder coated a really beautiful matte black color which pops off the white doors really nicely. The door hardware has an impressive weight to them so you know they’re well made and will last for many years to come.

We couldn’t install beautiful new door knobs without updating the old painted over hinges as well so we swapped them for Ageless Iron’s 3.5″ Residential Duty Ball Tip hinges from Ageless Iron too.

Those ball finials are the prettiest and for less than $10 per hinge, they’re the perfect cherry on top!

Our interior doors are as simple as they come. They’re just an off-the-shelf full slab door but when paired with the timeless and classic look of the Vale Short Plate and Keep Knob from Ageless Iron, the combination elevates our builder grade interior doors with very little effort.

The subtle texture of the knob and backplate are so stunning in person too. I wish you could come visit and check it out for yourselves – wouldn’t that be fun?!

The backplate that we paired with the knobs gives our doors a custom feel without actually being custom and provides a much needed visual weight to our inexpensive interior doors that were once just a boring white rectangle . One day we’d like to update all of our interior doors but for now, I’m in awe at how beautiful and high quality it all feels paired together!

Our door hardware from Ageless Iron is high quality and well made door hardware at an affordable price point. I know that it is timeless and was designed to last which, when it comes to updating and investing in my home, these attributes alone give me huge peace of mind as a home owner. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ageless Iron for working with us on this project and allowing us to showcase their beautiful door hardware in our home. If you have any questions about the hardware we installed, please leave them below in the comments.

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