Get the Look: Moody Floral Framed Art

The moody floral prints in our dining nook have drawn a lot of interest after I shared this video on Instagram and I don’t blame you – I love them too! Unfortunately, my exact set has been sold out for quite some time and I’m unsure if or when it’ll come back into stock and I hate when you all love something and I can’t share it with you!


I’ve done some digging and have come up with some great alternatives so you can achieve a similar look in your own home for a lot less. It’s a win-win for everyone!

My moody floral prints are framed in a sleek black bobbin frame that has been trending in the design world as of late and I was able to round-up a lot of similar options that would work great as-is or serve as a starting point of a really easy DIY if you wanted to paint them black just like mine. The frame options are all linked below – the colorful ones are completely customizable in both size and color but the wood frame is a great budget, off-the-shelf option:

Colorful bobbin frames / Wood bobbin frame / Pink bobbin frame / Grey bobbin frame / Gold bobbin frame / Gold twist frame / Silver bobbin frame

Of course you’ll need some art to put in your bobbin frames and you’re in luck! A sweet follower informed me that the art in my frames resembled the art and work of Mary Delany and while I’m not positive that my framed prints are reproductions of hers because the site I purchased them from did not credit the artist, she’s not wrong – they’re near identical and probably are her prints!

So! With that knowledge, I was able to locate some prints by Mary Delany on Wikimedia Commons and the British Museum website – both of which allow you to download her images for FREE so long as they’re used for personal use only. I chose a few of my favorites and linked them below but the British Museum has nearly 1000 moody botanical images by Mary Delany in their vast library and all of them are absolutely free for personal use. To see the entire collection of her works, click HERE.

Iris / Parnassium Palustris / Snow Drop / Gardenia / Mistletoe / Aesculus Hippocastanum

Once you’ve got all your prints framed and ready to hang, I’ve linked all my go-to picture hanging supplies below. 3M Command strips (white for light walls or black for dark walls) or picture nails with the QuakeHold putty is what I used most for standard frames but the 3M Claw is my go-to for heavier items.

Nail Assortment Kit / Bubble Level / Self-Drilling Anchors / Mini Level / Mini Hammer / 3M Command Strips (black) / 3M Command Strips (White) / QuakeHold Putty / 3M Claw / Fun-Tak

I hope you find this post helpful and inspires you to create your own gallery wall of moody florals. If you do, please tag me so I can see!

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