Pretty Ugly Things: Bread Boxes

intro image from Pretty in the Pines

I don’t know if it’s just my family or maybe it’s yours too, but everyone in my family likes a different type of bread. And it’s not just the bread…it’s the bagels, and english muffins, the rolls, and the croissants. One could say that we have a bread problem!

With all the bread around we definitely needed a place to keep it – a pretty place – because looking at all the bread bags piled up on the counter just wasn’t cutting it for me.

image via Studio Mcgee

You’re in luck, I’ve done the hard work for us and have scoured the internet to share with you the prettiest bread boxes out there because even the things that are typically ugly, don’t have to be! You live one life! Buy the pretty things that make you happy every day to use and look at. If you’re drowning in bread like we were, here’s what I found:

Rattan Bread Box / White Metal Bread Box / Black Bread Box / Acacia Wood Bread Box / Metal Plate Bread Box / Enamel Bread Box

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